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Voez Official Soundtrack Vol.2

Voez Official Soundtrack Vol.2

Voez Official Soundtrack Vol.2

a.k.a: Voez (Original Soundtrack), Vol. 2
Game: Voez
Release Date: May 26, 2016



1. Arcana (by Spar)
2. Twinkle Wink (by Hurce & Sanaas)
3. Scherzo (by 権太夫)
4. Imperium (by Dj Counterforce)
5. Revival (by TQ☆)
6. Like Asian Spirit (by Valunava)
7. Soul in Call (by Dachs)
8. Go or Stay (by Zris)
9. Time Phase Pt.1 (by Ayatsugu Otowa)
10. Akari (by 純白p)
11. Second Breath (by Envy)
12. Vieille Ville (by モリモリあつし, Ujico*)
13. SupaMax (by Paul Bazooka)
14. Eastern Horoscope (by Thinktec)
15. Shamisen Drives the Wind (by Kitkit Lu)
16. Yggdrasil (by Mytk)
17. Infinite Puzzle (by Y Shin)
18. Aquamarine (by Cashew)
19. The Longest Night (by Euchaeta)
20. ExtremeAttack (by Hagane)
21. Ancient Rose (by Suu)
22. Lv.0 (by i.o)
23. The Graduate (by Subaco Akimoto)
24. Brightness (by yozaquar feat. むた)
25. Wilt (by Verse Quence (Mjq・Eri) )

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