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Voez Official Soundtrack Vol.1

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Voez Official Soundtrack Vol.1

a.k.a: Voez (Original Soundtrack), Vol. 1
Game: Voez
Release Date: May 26, 2016



1. 君と見た空の歌 / Kimi to mita sora no uta (by Taku1175+キクチリョウタ)
2. 心 / Kokoro (by Euchaeta)
3. Music Box (by Prince Of Wales)
4. Refel (by sakuzyo)
5. Rotating Sky (by Chou Yawa)
6. Carnation (by Himmel)
7. Keep You Safe (feat. Eli) (by Lvndr)
8. Gamegame (by S Don)
9. Tougenkyou (by Mytk)
10. PrayStation (by Ras)
11. 双龍飛閃-Dual Dragoon- (by Daisuke Ohnuma)
12. Platinum (by Jioyi)
13. Flame Dark (by KIVΛ)
14. citanLu (by Ice)
15. Aquarius (by Cc’n’a)
16. Warp Drive (by Titancube)
17. Fuse (by Titancube)
18. Infinite Wonderland (by Kiryu)
19. Ruination (by 5argon)
20. Hop Step Adventure☆ (by ああああ茶漬け)
21. Dynamo (by Hidra Xjeil)
22. Farewell Waltz (by Stone)
23. Beyond the Horizon (by 3R2)
24. Beat It Beep (by Gowrock)
25. Cerberus (by Gowrock)

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