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even if TEMPEST Complete Original Soundtrack

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even if TEMPEST Complete Original Soundtrack


Catalog Number SBPS-0096~7
Barcode 4582179010227
Release Date Feb 14, 2024
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 3400 JPY
Media Format 2 CD
Classification Original Soundtrack, Vocal
Distributor Sony Music Solutions Inc.
Phonographic Copyright Voltage

Music Composed by Shunsuke Tsuchiya [PROCYON STUDIO] Music Arranged by Shunsuke Tsuchiya [PROCYON STUDIO] Lyrics Shihoko Hirata [MIT GATHERING] Vocals Shihoko Hirata
Guitar Mitsuhiro Ohta
Bass Harunosuke Ikejiri
Drums Senri Kawaguchi
Piano Takuro Iga
Accordion Takuro Iga
Violin Yu Manabe
Recording Engineer Hiroyuki Akita, Soushi Kaneko [MIT STUDIO], Sosuke Tsujinaka
Mixing Engineer Hiroyuki Akita
Assistant Engineers Mai Kondo [LANDMARK STUDIO], Keita Sasagawa [Joint1], Fuuya Kimishima [Joint1], Suzuka Miyagawa [MIT STUDIO] Recording Locations MIT STUDIO, LANDMARK STUDIO, HeartBeat RECORDING STUDIO
Recording Coordinators Tsutomu Satomi [SHANGRI-LA INC.], Aki Haruyama [SHANGRI-LA INC.] Artist Management Yoshihiro Tomari [MIT GATHERING] Recording Support Tom Mitchell [PROCYON STUDIO] Planning Mayu Nozaki [PROCYON STUDIO] Production Mayu Nozaki [PROCYON STUDIO] Promotion Mayu Nozaki [PROCYON STUDIO] Mastering Engineer Yasunori Mitsuda [PROCYON STUDIO] Mastering Location PROCYON STUDIO Mt. Fuji Studio
Production Manager Mayu Nozaki [PROCYON STUDIO] Production Assistant Tom Mitchell [PROCYON STUDIO] Design Shiomi Ide [OPEN STANCE] Message Contribution Shunsuke Tsuchiya* [PROCYON STUDIO], Shihoko Hirata [MIT GATHERING], Ayane Ushio
Cooperation Voltage Inc., Mami Ashino [PROCYON STUDIO] Special Thanks Keita Kato [Voltage Inc.], Satoshi Nohara [Voltage Inc.], Jessica Crichton [Voltage Inc.], Sarah Wilczynski [Voltage Inc.], Mal Azuma [Voltage Inc.], Ayane Ushio, Tetsuya Kakita [Sony Music Solutions Inc.], Kazuhisa Ota [OPEN STANCE]

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even if TEMPEST


Disc 1 [SBPS-0096] Original Soundtrack, Vocal

01 Reborn to Be a Survivor 3:34
02 Witch 3:19
03 Hollow Vision 3:31
04 Lamentation 3:33
05 Imminent Danger 3:00
06 A Beam of Light Rending the Darkness 3:47
07 Little Birds Perched on Street Stalls 5:17
08 Yearning for More 4:03
09 Seeking a Cool Breeze 3:52
10 You Are My Sunny Place 3:34
11 Undulating Tropopause 3:41
12 Wind Sleeve 2:54
13 Search and Struggle 2:42
14 Trial by Fire 3:49
15 Scoundrel 3:04
16 Murmuring Viscera 2:55
17 The Final Act 3:21
18 The Future We Choose 4:48
19 Embrace Myself 4:50
Disc length 69:34

Disc 2 [SBPS-0097] Original Soundtrack

01 Breaking of Dawn 3:36
02 Warmth Hereafter 5:36
03 Snow Jig 3:13
04 Colored my days 4:59
05 Reborn To Be a Survivor (instrumental) 3:34
06 Embrace Myself (instrumental) 4:49
07 Breaking of Dawn (instrumental) 3:36
08 Colored my days (instrumental) 4:58
Disc length 34:21

M-1.01, 1.19, 2.01, 2.04
Music: Shunsuke Tsuchiya
Vocals & Lyrics: Shihoko Hirata

Music Composed & Arranged by Shunsuke Tsuchiya [PROCYON STUDIO]


Recording & Mixing Engineer: Hiroyuki Akita
Recording Engineers: Soushi Kaneko [MIT STUDIO] Sosuke Tsujinaka
Assistant Engineers: Mai Kondo [LANDMARK STUDIO] Keita Sasagawa [Joint1] Fuuya Kimishima [Joint1] Suzuka Miyagawa [MIT STUDIO] Recording Locations: MIT STUDIO
Recording Coordinators: Tsutomu Satomi [SHANGRI-LA INC.] Aki Haruyama [SHANGRI-LA INC.] Artist Management: Yoshihiro Tomari [MIT GATHERING] Recording Support: Tom Mitchell [PROCYON STUDIO]


Lyrics: Shihoko Hirata [MIT GATHERING] Music Cooperation: PROCYON STUDIO


Vocals: Shihoko Hirata
Guitar: Mitsuhiro Ohta
Bass: Harunosuke Ikejiri
Drums: Senri Kawaguchi
Piano / Accordion: Takuro Iga
Violin: Yu Manabe


Planning, Production & Promotion: Mayu Nozaki [PROCYON STUDIO] Mastering Engineer: Yasunori Mitsuda [PROCYON STUDIO] Mastering Location: PROCYON STUDIO Mt. Fuji Studio
Production Manager: Mayu Nozaki [PROCYON STUDIO] Production Assistant: Tom Mitchell [PROCYON STUDIO] Design: Shiomi Ide [OPEN STANCE] Message Contribution: Shihoko Hirata [MIT GATHERING] Ayane Ushio
Cooperation: Voltage Inc.

SPECIAL THANKS: Keita Kato [Voltage Inc.] Satoshi Nohara [Voltage Inc.] Jessica Crichton [Voltage Inc.] Sarah Wilczynski [Voltage Inc.] Mal Azuma [Voltage Inc.] Ayane Ushio
Tetsuya Kakita [Sony Music Solutions Inc.] Kazuhisa Ota [OPEN STANCE]

Shihoko Hirata by the courtesy of MIT GATHERING Co., Ltd.

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