Tree of Savior – May 2020 OST Collection

Tree of Savior – May 2020 OST Collection

Tree of Savior – May 2020 OST Collection


Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Apr 29, 2020
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 19.90 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Soundtrack, Arrangement
Organizations IMCGAMES Co. Ltd. (Publisher), Steam (Retailer)
Composed by Cinenote, S.F.A (Sevin, Kazing), Initium (KevinM)
Arranged by Mainstream Band, Kazing, Sevin, Stannis, Initium
Performed by Tsukasa Uchiyama, KyungHoon Park, GeonHo Mo, SeHo Yoon, Jung min kyung, SungJun Cho, Highdore, Jam Strings, Stannis, Piao Huang, Cellestial, SungJun Jo, Joshua Son, Mason Lieberman, Anastasia Charakidou, Seung Yup Lee, Choi Ki Woong, Vanessa Campagna, Dave Clevelandg
Lyrics by Kazing, SungHa Hong

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Tree of Savior


01 UNITogether – feat. Tsukasa Uchiyama(DLC Special Edition) 3:52
02 Openup Po10 4:02
03 Decide my way(Ardito theme) 3:51
04 TOS Colony 3:32
05 Mayor Higher 3:31
06 Neuve 3:47
07 Groove of the Sea 3:56
08 Alma Generosa(NakMuay theme) 3:22
09 Spearhead 3:23
10 Beyond the Fashion 3:42
11 Ra Reina(Retiarius theme) 4:31
12 Chance to Catch 3:50
13 Exorcism(Exorcist theme) 3:10
14 Immortal(Matross theme) 4:04
15 Verano lluvia 3:24
16 Openup Po10 Unpluged(DLC Bonus Track) 3:59

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