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The Dreaming Boy is a Realist Original Soundtrack

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The Dreaming Boy is a Realist Original Soundtrack

TV Anime “yumemiru danshi wa genjitsushugisha” Original Soundtrack



Catalog Number PCCG-02264
Barcode 4524135132185
Release Date Sep 27, 2023
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 3850 JPY
Media Format 2 CD
Classification Original Soundtrack
Manufacturer PONY CANYON INC.
Distributor PONY CANYON INC.

Music Ryohei Sataka
Compose Ryohei Sataka (Hifumi,Inc.)
Arrangement Ryohei Sataka (Hifumi,Inc.)
Piano Akito Shirai
Flute Kei Sakamoto
Strings Yuma Ito Strings
Guitar Yuto “Carlos” Shimizu
Ukulele Yuto “Carlos” Shimizu
All Other Instruments Ryohei Sataka (Hifumi,Inc.)
Recording Engineer Yota Ishizuka (Hifumi,Inc.)
Mixing Engineer Yota Ishizuka (Hifumi,Inc.)
Recording Studio HeartBeat Recording Studio
Mixing Studio Studio ONE LAB.
Production Coordinate Yuzuru Sato (Hifumi,Inc.)
Musician Coordinate Kazutaka Naya (face music)
Score Writing Kohei Amino
Mastering Engineer Yuta Tada (PONY CANYON)
Mastering Studio PONY CANYON Mastering ROOM
Producer Nao Watanabe (PONY CANYON)
Promoter Ryota Tanaka (PONY CANYON), 石垣拓人 (PONY CANYON)
Sales Promoter 村松史 (PONY CANYON), Hiroshi Nakajima (PONY CANYON)
General Manager Sadakazu Kikuchi (PONY CANYON)
Executive Producer Kazunari Okuma (PONY CANYON)
Art Direction Mizuki Kuramoto (PCP)
Design Mizuki Kuramoto (PCP)
Creative Coordinate Kenji Minagawa (PCP)
Release Operation Naoki Imoto (PONY CANYON)
Special Thanks おけまる, Kazuomi Koga, Hajime Takakuwa, Studio Gokumi, AXsiZ, 「夢見る男子は現実主義者」製作委員会

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The Dreaming Boy is a Realist (yumemiru danshi wa genjitsushugisha)


Disc 1 [PCCG-02264-1]

01 夢 3:25
02 現実 2:03
03 優等生 2:17
04 止められない想い 2:30
05 喜び 2:04
06 怒り 2:05
07 哀しみ 2:27
08 楽しい 1:36
09 諦め 1:45
10 勇気 1:47
11 ドキドキ 1:42
12 ヤキモチ 1:34
13 通学路 1:45
14 学校 1:37
15 放課後 1:49
16 本屋 1:45
17 夏休み 1:46
18 クラスメイト 1:56
19 生徒会 1:56
20 風紀委員会 2:19
21 親友 2:32
22 2人きり 2:44
23 自覚 2:37
24 緊張 2:58
25 後悔 2:00
26 葛藤 2:03
Disc length 55:02

Disc 2 [PCCG-02264-2]

01 お嬢様 1:41
02 年上? 2:02
03 夏の幻 1:46
04 メッセ 1:49
05 成長 3:01
06 寂しい 2:12
07 縮まる距離 1:58
08 打ち上げ花火 2:21
09 日常 1:34
10 コミカル 1:34
11 一触即発 1:42
12 ヤバイ 1:54
13 過去 2:13
14 モヤモヤ 1:47
15 真面目 1:33
16 優しさ 2:00
17 ドギマギ 1:52
18 アイキャッチ1 0:07
19 アイキャッチ2 0:07
20 アイキャッチ3 0:07
21 次回予告 0:18
Disc length 33:38

Music by Ryohei Sataka
Compose & Arrangement: Ryohei Sataka (Hifumi,Inc.)

Piano: Akito Shirai
Flute: Kei Sakamoto
Strings: Yuma Ito Strings
Guitar & Ukulele: Yuto “Carlos” Shimizu
All Other Instruments: Ryohei Sataka (Hifumi,Inc.)
Recording & Mixing Engineer: Yota Ishizuka (Hifumi,Inc.)
Recording Studio: HeartBeat Recording Studio
Mixing Studio: Studio ONE LAB.
Production Coordinate: Yuzuru Sato (Hifumi,Inc.)
Musician Coordinate: Kazutaka Naya (face music)
Score Writing: Kohei Amino

Mastering Engineer: Yuta Tada (PONY CANYON)
Mastering Studio: PONY CANYON Mastering ROOM

Producer: Nao Watanabe (PONY CANYON)
Promoter: Ryota Tanaka (PONY CANYON), 石垣拓人 (PONY CANYON)
Sales Promoter: 村松史 (PONY CANYON), Hiroshi Nakajima (PONY CANYON)

General Manager: Sadakazu Kikuchi (PONY CANYON)
Executive Producer: Kazunari Okuma (PONY CANYON)

Art Direction & Design: Mizuki Kuramoto (PCP)
Creative Coordinate: Kenji Minagawa (PCP)
Release Operation: Naoki Imoto (PONY CANYON)

Special Thanks: おけまる, Kazuomi Koga, Hajime Takakuwa, Studio Gokumi, AXsiZ, 「夢見る男子は現実主義者」製作委員会

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