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Technosoft Music Collection – THUNDER FORCE I & II –

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Technosoft Music Collection – THUNDER FORCE I & II –

Catalog Number WM-0840~1
Barcode 4571164386249
Release Date Feb 24, 2022
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 3520 JPY
Media Format 2 CD
Classification Original Soundtrack, Arrangement
Manufacturer WAVE MASTER INC.
Distributor WAVE MASTER INC.
Phonographic Copyright SEGA, WAVE MASTER INC.

Music Composed by Technosoft, Gioachino Antonio Rossini
Arranged by Kei Takanishi
Sound Technosoft
Voice Technosoft
A&R Producer Yoshihiro “Moba” Ito [WAVE MASTER] Supervisor Yosuke Okunari [SEGA] Co-A&R Masato “Mazin” Nishimura [SEGA] Mastering Supervisor Kei Takanishi
Recording Engineer Kenji Tsujisaka
Mastering Engineer Takuya Hashimoto [TRC NORTH] Mastering Studio TRC NORTH
Designer Haruno Takanashi [WAVE MASTER] Copyright Administrator Kazuo Koizumi [WAVE MASTER] Licensing Makoto Matsui [SEGA SAMMY HOLDINGS] Special Thanks Kazue Matsuoka [Twenty-one], Naosuke Arai [Digital Design Works], Takashi Terao [Michael Inoue], Tomomi Ootani [], Mitsuru Maruyama [BEEP], Rieko Kodama [SEGA], Kagasei Shimomura [SEGA], Kouichi Hanatate [SEGA], Jun Takemura [SEGA] Executive Producer Fumitaka Shibata [WAVE MASTER] Liner Notes Naosuke Arai, Yosuke Okunari, Masato “Mazin” Nishimura, Kei Takanishi

Products represented
Thunder Force
Thunder Force II


Disc 1 [WM-0840] Original Soundtrack

01 Thunder Force! (-Voice-)【X1】
02 Main Theme ~Guillaume Tell Overture~【PC-8801mkIISR】
03 Boss Theme【PC-8801mkIISR】
04 Stage Clear【PC-8801mkIISR】
05 Game Over ~Guillaume Tell Overture~【PC-8801mkIISR】
06 Name Entry -Ranking 1st-【PC-8801mkIISR】
07 Name Entry -Ranking 2nd or lower-【PC-8801mkIISR】
08 Tan Tan Ta Ta Ta Tan (Loading)
09 Attention (-Voice-)
10 The Wind Blew All Day Long -With Voice- (Opening)
11 Super Version Tan Tan -With Voice- (Configuration)
12 Knights of Legend (Stage 1: The Planet Nepula)
13 Mission 2 (Top View Clear)
14 A Ray of Hope (Side View Slow Speed Stage)
15 Warning (-SE-)
16 Big na Okata 1 (Stage 1 Boss)
17 Stage Clear -With Voice-
18 Exceed (Stage 2: The Underground City)
19 Cruise Control (Side View High Speed Stage)
20 Big na Okata 2 (Stage 2 Boss)
21 A Cloud of Dust (Stage 3: Wasteland)
22 Big na Okata 3 (Stage 3 Boss)
23 Take Strict Precautions (Stage 4: Deeper Inside The Planet)
24 Big na Okata 4 -With Death Agony Voice- (Stage 4 Boss)
25 Illusion (Stage 5: Ancient Ruins)
26 Humanoid Hunter (-Voice-)
27 Big na Okata 5 (Stage 5 Boss)
28 An Irrevocable Dream (Stage 6: The Ultra Combat Weapon Fortress Preareos)
29 Big na Okata 6 (Stage 6 Boss)
30 Finale (-SE & Voice-)
31 Take off One’s Gloves (Ending)
32 Orn Emperor (-Voice-)
33 Game Over

Disc 2 [WM-0841] Original Soundtrack, Arrangement

01 The Wind Blew All Day Long (Opening)
02 Super Version Tan Tan -With Voice- (Game Start)
03 Knights of Legend (Stage 1: The Planet Nepula – The Skies Over Head)
04 Mission 2 (Top View Clear)
05 A Ray of Hope (Stage 2: The Planet Nepula – Inside of an Enemy Port)
06 Big na Okata 1 (1st Layer Boss)
07 Stage Clear
08 Exceed (Stage 3: The Underground City – Skyscraper)
09 Cruise Control (Stage 4: The Underground City – Highway)
10 Big na Okata 2 (2nd Layer Boss)
11 Take Strict Precautions (Stage 5: Deeper Inside The Planet – A Cave)
12 A Cloud of Dust (Stage 6: Deeper Inside The Planet – Inside an Abandoned Pipe)
13 Big na Okata 3 (3rd Layer Boss)
14 Game Over
15 Continue -Big na Okata 4-
16 Illusion (Stage 7: Ancient Ruins – Statues)
17 Dark Side Requiem -Death Face’s- (Stage 8: Ancient Ruins – Inside the Ruins)
18 Big na Okata 5 (4th Layer Boss)
19 An Irrevocable Dream (Stage 9: The Ultra Combat Weapon Fortress Preareos – The Final Confrontation)
20 Big na Okata 6 (5th Layer Boss)
21 Take Off One’s Gloves (Ending)
22 Knights of Legend -1991 MD Omake Other Ver.-
23 Thunder Force II -Super Arr Ver.-


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