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Summer Pockets REFLECTION BLUE Original SoundTrack

Summer Pockets REFLECTION BLUE Original SoundTrack


Catalog Number KSLA-0182
Barcode 4933032011088
Release Date Dec 25, 2020
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 2750 JPY
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack
Label Key Sounds Label
Manufacturer VISUAL ARTS Co., Ltd.
Distributor VISUAL ARTS Co., Ltd.

Composer Shinji Orito, Ryo Mizutsuki, Donmaru, Jun Maeda
Arranger Ryo Mizutsuki, Shoyu, Shoji Morifuji, Donmaru, Shinji Orito, Yuichiro Tsukagoshi (NanosizeMir), bermei.inazawa
Vocals Konomi Suzuki, YURiKA, Runa Mizutani, rionos
Lyricist Kai, Jun Maeda
Guitar Shoyu, TAKUYA (jAcKp☆TrASH), Yuichiro Tsukagoshi (NanosizeMir)
Chorus Runa Mizutani (NanosizeMir), Visual Arts Staff
Violin Yusaku Tsuchiya (gaQdan)
Bass Yuta Kitamura, Tatuki Harada (7M)
Producer Tohya Okano
Director Shinji Orito
Mastering Shinji Orito
Jacket Illustration Na-Ga, ふむゆん
Jacket Design Yoshie Nakao
Executive Producer Takahiro Baba

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01 アスタロア -blue- 2:32
02 潮騒の香り 5:35
03 Splash Green 3:48
04 Tender Purple 5:56
05 Run Red Run 4:40
06 Lover Universe 4:54
07 Piece of Clear 6:34
08 夏の紫苑 4:55
09 アスタロア -reflect- 2:02
10 風は微かに、熱を残し… 2:25
11 Twinkle of Aster 2:33
12 アスタロア Game Size Ver 2:19
13 青き此方 Game Size Ver 3:30
14 夏の砂時計 5:05
15 ポケットをふくらませて ~Sea, you again~ 6:50

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