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SMEE Vocal Collection “My Pure Cafeteria”

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SMEE Vocal Collection “My Pure Cafeteria”


Catalog Number LPTN-0026
Release Date Aug 12, 2016C90
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 3000 JPY
Media Format CD
Classification Vocal
Published by SMEE (distributed by LoboPlanning)
Composed by Kensei, Sound Studio B, Shunsuke Shiina, Mizki Shinohara, Meis Clauson, Toshinori Orikura
Arranged by Shunsuke Shiina, Mizki Shinohara, Meis Clauson, Toshinori Orikura
Performed by Michiru Kaori, Chata, Ami Kamishiro, Tina Yuzuki, Marika, Miu Natsuki, Haruka Shimotsuki, Duca
Lyrics by Kensei, tae, Ami Kamishiro, Mami Nakayama, Marika, Miu Natsuki, Mao Sumita

Products represented
Lili:miesta, Hare Hare Halem, Love Delation!, LoverAble, Dousei LoverAble, Fureraba, PURE×CONNECT


01 Lili:miesta!
02 Happy! Happy! Countdown
03 晴れ→恋心
04 Cherry My Heart
05 Crazy for you☆
06 Linked☆Lovers
07 描いてた夢
08 quantum jump
09 二人のアルバム
10 Snow×Connect
11 My Darling
12 Confession Eve

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