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Silent Songs ~Noriko Mitose Art Works Best~

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Silent Songs ~Noriko Mitose Art Works Best~

SilentSongs~Noriko Mitose Art Works Best~


Catalog Number     KDSD-00819
Release Date     Dec 02, 2015
Publish Format     Commercial
Release Price     3000 JPY
Media Format     CD
Classification     Vocal
Published by     TEAM Entertainment
Composed by     Noriko Mitose, Morrigan, Luca, Taishi, Yuka Fujino, Toshiharu Yamanishi, Ken Nakagawa, Toshihiko Inoue, Daisuke Achiwa, Tomohiko Kira
Arranged by     Toshihiko Inoue, Morrigan, Luca, Taishi, Yuka Fujino, Daisuke Achiwa, Tomohiko Kira
Performed by     Noriko Mitose
Lyrics by     Noriko Mitose, Azrael=Robin, Kato.yoshihal, Kanae Aoki, Ken Nakagawa

Products represented
Mahoroba Stories
Atelier Series
Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia


01     Fuyu no Hitsugi~Kuroki Ou ni Sasagu
02     SUSANOWO SYSTEM -rune of Sun disk-
03     Lucce e Iombra
04     Ryouude no Chihei
05     Personalizer
06     Mahoroba no Senritsu
07     Yoten no Tomosu
08     KODAMA
09     Natsu no Tsubasa -Ano Sora e-
11     EXEC_RIG=VEDA/.
12     Iombra
13     Namae no nai Hana
14     Chiisana Niwa

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