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Shoujo YoRHa Ver 1.1a Original Soundtrack [Decontamination version]

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Shoujo YoRHa Ver 1.1a Original Soundtrack [Decontamination version]

舞台「少女ヨルハ Ver 1.1a」オリジナルサウンドトラック [Decontamination version]

Catalog Number ILCA-20011
Release Date Oct 09, 2021
Publish Format Commercial, Enclosure
Release Price Not for Sale (Japan)
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack
Publisher ILCA

Music Keiichi Okabe (MONACA)
Arranger Kon Shirasu
Direction Kon Shirasu

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01 Snow in Summer (夏ノ雪)
02 Birth of a Wish (生マレ出ヅル意思)
03 The Sound of the End (終ワリノ音)
04 Hills of Radiant Winds (光ノ風吹ク丘)
05 The Wretched Automatons (愚カシイ機械)
06 Copied City(複製サレタ街)
07 Deep Crimson Foe (深紅の敵)
08 Mourning (追悼)
09 The Prestigious Mask (仮面ノ誉)
10 A Beautiful Song (美シキ歌)
11 Vague Hope/Cold Rain (暖味な希望/氷雨)
12 Bipolar Nightmare (双極の悪夢)
13 Voice of No Return (還ラナイ声)
14 Cold Steel Coffin (心閉ザセシ鉄棺)
15 Blissful Death (幸セナ死)
16 Shadowlord’s Castle (魔王ノ城)
17 Grandma/Destruction (オバアチャン/破壊)
18 Yonah /Ver. Ensemble (ヨナ/Ver.重奏)
19 Emil/Despair (エミール/絶望)
20 Crumbling Lies (崩壊ノ虚妄)
21 Amusement Park (遊園施設)
22 The Ultimate Weapon (最終兵器)
23 Dispossession (喪失)
24 Emil/Sacrifice (エミール犠牲)
25 Vague Hope/Spring Rain (暖味ナ希望/翠雨)
26 Yonah (ヨナ)
27 Weight of the World


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