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Shinigami no Testament ~menuet of epistula~ Special Compilation SoundTrack

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Shinigami no Testament ~menuet of epistula~ Special Compilation SoundTrack

死神のテスタメント ~menuet of epistula~ Special Compilation SoundTrack


Catalog Number     STST-001
Release Date     Aug 10, 2012
Publish Format     Commercial
Release Price     2500 JPY
Media Format     2 CD
Classification     Original Soundtrack
Published by     3rdEye
Composed by     mamomo, Ben
Arranged by     mamomo, bAsHEE, Ben
Performed by     Ringo Aoba, Rino Kawashima, Nahdia, Asha
Lyrics by     六花梨花, Ben, mamomo

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Shinigami no Testament ~menuet of epistula~


Disc 1

01 Untitled
02 Liberum
03 黒衣の書
04 朝の光
05 Rideo
06 Dunamis
07 Baro
08 Rivus
09 Turnabout!!
10 Pax dies
11 The sight floated
12 夜警
13 Desperatio
14 Run away prisoner
15 A defensive fight
16 暗雲
17 約束された絶望
18 平穏
19 Contentio
20 安息
21 Grim Reaper
22 つかの間の休息
23 Credo ut intelligam
24 お伽話
25 Unfinished Battle
26 意識の靄

Disc 2
01 Determined Battle
02 虚空
03 Illusion
04 Tristitia
05 Finale iudicium
06 Testament of Judgment(Game ver.)
07 Optatio(Game ver.)
08 Optatio(Game ver.)
09 Reconstruction(Game ver.)
10 Testament of Judgment(Remix by Ben)
11 Testament of Judgment(Remix by bAsHEE)
12 Testament of Judgment(Remix by まもも)
13 瓦礫の街
14 こころのありか
15 BGM Piano Arrange Medley
16 Reconstruction PianoArrange
17 Testament of Judgment(off vocal)
18 Optatio (off vocal)
19 Reconstruction(off vocal)
20 Untitled

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7 years ago

Amazing! I’ve literally been looking for this for years! So glad I follow this blog. Thank you so much! =D