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Rez Infinite Original Soundtrack

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Rez Infinite Original Soundtrack


Catalog Number UMA-1098~9
Release Date Oct 11, 2017
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 3132 JPY
Media Format 2 CD
Classification Original Soundtrack
Published by U/M/A/A
Composed by Keiichi Sugiyama, Mist, Ken Ishii, Joujouka, Adam Freeland, Coldcut and Tim Bran, Ebz, Oval, Hydelic

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Rez Infinite


Disc 1

01 Buggie Running Beeps/Keiichi Sugiyama <area 01>
02 Protocol Rain/Mist <area 02>
03 Creation the State of Art <Full Option> / Ken Ishii <area 03>
04 Rock Is Sponge/Joujouka <area 04>
05 Fear <Rez edit>/Adam Freeland <area 05>
06 Boss Attacks <Remix>/Coldcut and Tim Bran <Eden/Last Boss>
07 F6 G5 /Ebz <Lost area>
08 Octaeder 0.1/Oval
09 Creative State/Ken Ishii
10 P-project/Oval <Trancemission>

Disc 2

01 Awakening/Hydelic <area X>
02 Wide Echoes/Hydelic <area X>
03 Cycle of Silence/Hydelic <area X>
04 Butterfly Effect(Instrumental Mix) / Hydelic <area X>
05 Butterfly Effect/Hydelic <area X>
06 Singularity X/Hydelic <area X>
07 Starlight Infinite/Hydelic <area X>

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