Rewrite Chihaya & Lucia iDoll Project: Pureness Rhapsody

Rewrite Chihaya & Lucia iDoll Project: Pureness Rhapsody

Lucihaya Idol Song CD “Pureness Rhapsody”


Catalog Number     KSLA-0128
Release Date     Dec 29, 2016 C91
Publish Format     Commercial, Enclosure
Release Price     5000 JPY (Package Price)
Media Format     CD
Classification     Arrangement, Vocal
Published by     Key Sounds Label
Composed by     Tomohiro Takeshita, Shinji Orito, Maiko Iuchi
Arranged by     Tomohiro Takeshita, Shoyu
Performed by     Risa Asaki, Saya Shinomiya, Shoyu, Tomonori Kimura, Ken Higeshiro, Syoji Morifuji, Reiko Tsuchiya, Tatuki Harada, Mitsuhasu, Runa Mizutani
Lyrics by     Ryukishi07, Yuto Tonokawa, Kai

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01     Princess is The Princess     4:28
02     Fledglings girls!!     4:45
03     Philosophyz     4:51
04     Sunbright     4:39
05     Koizakura Kaika Zensen     4:22
06     Koi no Lucihaya♡Rolling     4:08
07     Princess is The Princess Lucia Solo ver.     4:28
08     Princess is The Princess Chihaya Solo ver.     4:28
09     Fledglings girls!! Lucia Solo ver.     4:45
10     Fledglings girls!! Chihaya Solo ver.     4:45
11     Philosophyz Lucia Solo ver.     4:51
12     Philosophyz Chihaya Solo ver.     4:51
13     Koi no Lucihaya♡Rolling Lucia Solo ver.     4:08
14     Koi no Lucihaya♡Rolling Chihaya Solo ver.     4:06

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