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Rewrite Arrange Album ‘Selene’

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Rewrite Arrange Album ‘Selene’


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Catalog Number     KSLA-0116
Release Date     Jul 29, 2016
Publish Format     Commercial, First Press Bonus
Release Price     9504 JPY (Package Price)
Media Format     CD
Classification     Arrangement, Vocal
Published by     Key Sounds Label (distributed by Visual Art’s)
Composed by     Shinji Orito, Soshi Hosoi, Maiko Iuchi
Arranged by     Yuma Mizonokuchi, Irus, Freezer, Shouya Namai, Masayoshi Minoshima, Shoyu, LU-I, Wooming, Kenkawa, Akira Natsuki, MUZIK SERVANT
Performed by     Runa Mizutani, zyukucho, Ai Ohsera, Irus, Ayaka Kitazawa, Shoyu, Wooming, Kenkawa, Akira Natsuki, SHOW
Lyrics by     Yuto Tonokawa


01     Philosophyz (溝口ゆうま remix)     4:43
02     DIS is a pain (morbid Rock mix)     3:38
03     Eruptible (Freezer Remix)     4:17
04     Quaesitor (Shouya Namai Remix)     5:04
05     サンブライト (ALR REMIX)     5:37
06     Redemptor (Digital Universum ver)     4:24
07     Phobia (LU-I Remix)     5:48
08     Finale (Kissing the Mirror Mix)     4:09
09     Retribution (MUZIK SERVANT & Freezer Remix)     4:12
10     Fight for nowhere (Kissing the Mirror Mix)     3:51
11     刈り (溝口ゆうま remix)     4:01

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