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Pure3: Feel Classics ~Naoya Shimokawa~

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Pure3: Feel Classics ~Naoya Shimokawa~


Catalog Number     KIGA-30
Release Date     Apr 26, 2017
Publish Format     Commercial
Release Price     3240 JPY
Media Format     SA-CD
Classification     Arrangement
Published by     F.I.X. Records
Composed by     Naoya Shimokawa
Arranged by     Shuntaro Kobayashi
Performed by     Sayuri Yano, Erina Kato, Sayo Takimoto, Masutami Endo, Tomoko Joho, Hyojin Kim, Shuntaro Kobayashi, Hideto Goto, Keiichi Hayase, Taiga Kanno, Mei Kaneko, China National Symphony Orchestra, Yoshitaka Shirane

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01     Feeling Heart     3:56
02     心はいつもあなたのそばに     4:13
03     ありがとう     4:56
04     時の魔法     4:21
05     POWDER SNOW     3:45
06     Free and Dream     2:56
07     君をのせて     4:45
08     ヒトリ     4:31
09     さよならのこと     3:30
10     キミガタメ     4:56
11     closing     5:04
12     Feeling Heart (another mix)     3:55

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