project lights Best Collection -Vol.03-

by sonixgvn

project lights Best Collection -Vol.03-


Catalog Number PLCC-1013
Barcode 4562302640101
Release Date Mar 23, 2018
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 3240 JPY
Media Format CD
Classification Vocal
Organizations project lights (Publisher), HOBIBOX (Distributor)
Composed by Kimiyoshi Maruyama, maru
Arranged by Kimiyoshi Maruyama, maru, oku
Performed by Duca, Yuki, Marika, KANAMI, Megumi Hoshina, kaoru, Meiko Nakamura, Karen Hiraoka, Saki Datechi, Rita, Mao Uzuki, Soh Mizorogi, Katsuya Daili, Rock Sakurai, Morihito Hori, Kimiyoshi Maruyama, Issei Takubo, Eriko Yajima
Lyrics by Meiko Nakamura, Yuki, maru, Marika, Mao Uzuki, m@o, kaoru, 池波智香, ゆーます

Products represented
San Se △ Hui Lian -Tricolour Lovestory-, Oniichan, Kiss no Junbi wa Mada Desu ka?, TARAREBA, Onii-chan Daisuki!, Narcissu Sumire, Lamune 2, Ruri no Kasane, Girl Cafe Gun


01 Tricolour Lovestory 4:23
02 アルストロメリア 3:52
03 『If』 4:26
04 White Canvas 4:15
05 ずっと☆Need a chance!! 4:04
06 Dear friend 4:48
07 Drawing 5:54
08 半分の魔法 5:04
09 ラムネ2017 4:37
10 るりいろ 5:42
11 夏空未来 5:02
12 風音~kasane~ 4:34
13 Kissing you 4:53
14 有明月夜~アリアケヅクヨ~ 4:27
15 Giftoxic 4:51
16 Meteorite stream 3:50

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