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PERSONA3 Original Soundtrack

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PERSONA3 Original Soundtrack



Catalog Number SVWC-7380~1
Barcode 4534530014511
Release Date Jul 19, 2006
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 3045 JPY
Media Format 2 CD
Classification Original Soundtrack, Vocal
Label Aniplex
Manufacturer Aniplex Inc.
Distributor Sony Music Distribution (Japan) Inc.

Composer Shoji Meguro (ATLUS), Yosuke Uda (ATLUS)
Arranger Shoji Meguro (ATLUS), Yosuke Uda (ATLUS)
Lyricist Shigeo Komori, Yoshihiro Komori, Reiko Tanaka, Lotus Juice, Katsura Hashino
Vocal Yumi Kawamura, Haruko Komiya, Masahide Takaya
MC Lotus Juice
Guitar Yosuke Uda (ATLUS)
Director Katsura Hashino (ATLUS)
Art Direction Shigenori Soejima (ATLUS)
Character Design Shigenori Soejima (ATLUS)
Sound Director Shoji Meguro (ATLUS), Yosuke Uda (ATLUS)
Production Coordinator Ikuya Kobayashi (ATLUS), Yosuke Uda (ATLUS)
Liner Notes Shoji Meguro (ATLUS)
Commentary Shoji Meguro (ATLUS), Yosuke Uda (ATLUS)
A&R Producer Soichiro Sano (ANIPLEX)
A&R Director Kazuki Adachi (ANIPLEX)
Mastering Engineer Hiroyuki Shiotsuki (Sony Music Communications)
Mastered at Sony Music Studios Tokyo
Designer Naoko Hojo (Hottagafuku)
Package Coordinator Chiho Sugiyama (Sony Music Communications), Azusa Naitoh (ANIPLEX), Mina Mitsui (ANIPLEX)

Products represented
Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3


Disc 1 [SVWC-7380]

01 Burn My Dread 1:36
02 Aria of the Soul 5:38
03 The Beginning 0:20
04 This Mysterious Feeling 2:22
05 Want To Be Close 2:33
06 Troubled 2:43
07 Crisis 1:18
08 Shadow 2:44
09 Persona Invocation 0:44
10 Unavoidable Battle 2:53
11 Tranquility 1:32
12 When the Moon Reaches for the Stars 2:36
13 Iwatodai Dorm 2:31
14 The Voice Someone Calls 1:07
15 Theme of Tartarus (1st Block) 1:34
16 Mass Destruction 3:29
17 After the Battle 0:57
18 p3ct004_01 0:59
19 Deep Breath Deep Breath 2:21
20 Master of Shadow 2:35
21 Paulownia Mall 1:38
22 Theme of Tartarus (2nd Block) 1:10
23 An Unpleasant Premonition 1:04
24 Fearful Experience 1:52
25 Calamity 1:32
26 During the Exams… 1:58
27 Adventured act 1:23
28 Joy 2:50
29 Theme of Tartarus (3rd Block) 2:24
30 Deep Mentality 2:53
31 The Path is Open 1:40
32 The Path Was Closed 0:30
Disc length 63:26

Disc 2 [SVWC-7381]

01 Changing Seasons 2:59
02 Basement 3:04
03 Master of Tartarus 3:31
04 It’s Alright… 1:25
05 Living With Determination 3:05
06 Theme of Tartarus (4th Block) 3:34
07 Kyoto 1:06
08 Afternoon Break 2:22
09 Tanaka’s Amazing Commodities 1:14
10 Theme of Tartarus (5th Block) 3:35
11 Memories from 10 Years Ago 1:12
12 Mistic 3:15
13 Strength of Heart 2:03
14 Memories of the City 2:42
15 Memories of School 1:55
16 Living With Determination -Iwatodai Dorm Arrange- 2:32
17 Theme of Tartarus (6th Block) 3:44
18 That Which Comes from the Darkness 1:35
19 Battle Hymn of the Soul 5:34
20 Nyx 1:41
21 Determination 1:44
22 Burn My Dread -Last Battle- 3:48
23 Enduring Bonds 1:10
24 Because I Will Protect You 0:27
25 Memories of You 6:09
26 Blues of the Soul 3:15
Disc length 68:41

Composed & Arranged by
Shoji Meguro (ATLUS)
Yosuke Uda (ATLUS) (DISC1 Track27)

Guitar: Yosuke Uda (ATLUS) (DISC2 Track26)

Songs by
1-01 “Burn My Dread”
Vocal: Yumi Kawamura
Lyrics: Shigeo Komori, Yoshihiro Komori

1-02 “Aria of the Soul”
Vocal: Haruko Komiya

1-05 “Want To Be Close”
Vocal: Yumi Kawamura
Lyrics: Reiko Tanaka

1-12 “When The Moon’s Reaching Out Stars”
Vocal: Yumi Kawamura
Lyrics: Reiko Tanaka

1-16 “Mass Destruction”
Vocal: Yumi Kawamura
MC: Lotus Juice
Lyrics: Reiko Tanaka, Lotus Juice

1-19 “Deep Breath Deep Breath”
MC: Lotus Juice
Lyrics: Lotus Juice

2-09 “Tanaka’s Amazing Commodities”
Vocal: Masahide Takaya
Lyrics: Katsura Hashino

2-22 “Burn My Dread -Last Battle-”
Vocal: Lotus Juice
Lyrics: Reiko Tanaka

2-25 “Memories of You”
Vocal: Yumi Kawamura
Lyrics: Shigeo Komori

Director: Katsura Hashino (ATLUS)
Art Direction & Charactor Design: Shigenori Soejima (ATLUS)
Sound Director: Shoji Meguro (ATLUS)
Yosuke Uda (ATLUS) (DISC1 Track27)

Production Coordinator: Ikuya Kobayashi (ATLUS)
Yosuke Uda (ATLUS)

A&R Producer: Soichiro Sano (ANIPLEX)
A&R Director: Kazuki Adachi (ANIPLEX)
Mastering Engineer: Hiroyuki Shiotsuki (Sony Music Communications) at Sony Music Studios Tokyo
Designer: Naoko Hojo (Hottagafuku)
Package Coordinator: Chiho Sugiyama (Sony Music Communications), Azusa Naitoh (ANIPLEX), Mina Mitsui (ANIPLEX)

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