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Onimusha 2 Orchestra Album ~Taro Iwasiro Selection~

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Onimusha 2 Orchestra Album ~Taro Iwasiro Selection~

鬼武者2 オーケストラアルバム ~岩代太郎セレクション~


Catalog Number     CPCA-1060
Release Date     Apr 24, 2002
Publish Format     Commercial
Release Price     2520 JPY
Media Format     CD
Classification     Arrangement
Published by     Suleputer (distributed by Sony Music Distribution)
Composed by     Taro Iwashiro
Arranged by     Sextasy Room (Taro Iwashiro, Hide Fukasawa)

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Onimusha 2: Samurai’s Destiny


01     Chapter I Truth of Brave ~鬼武者2メインテーマ~     6:10
02     Chapter II Truth of Evil ~織田信長のテーマ~     4:39
03     Chapter III Truth of Resolution ~小谷のお邑のテーマ~     5:06
04     Chapter IV Truth of Edge ~雑賀孫市のテーマ~     4:25
05     Chapter V Truth of Loyalty ~安国寺恵瓊のテーマ~     4:59
06     Chapter VI Truth of Lure ~高女のテーマ~     4:20
07     Chapter VII Truth of Guile     5:06
08     Chapter VIII Truth of Vice ~幻魔のテーマ~     4:12
09     Chapter IX Truth of Desire ~風魔小太郎のテーマ~     4:59
10     Chapter X Truth of Cynicism ~木下藤吉郎のテーマ~     3:26
11     Chapter XI Truth of War ~Original Score Medley for Movie Scenes~     8:35
12     Chapter XII Truth of Fate     5:02
13     Chapter XIII Truth of Brave ~warring mix~     4:41

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