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OCTOPATH TRAVELER Arrangements Break & Boost -Extend-

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OCTOPATH TRAVELER Arrangements Break & Boost -Extend-


Catalog Number SQEX-10717
Release Date Jul 29, 2019
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 2700 JPY
Media Format CD
Classification Arrangement
Published by Square Enix Music
Composed by Yasunori Nishiki
Arranged by Yasunori Nishiki, Yuya Mori
Performed by Atsuki Yoshida, Natsumi Okimasu, Sena Oshima, Kirin Uchida, Masateru Nishikata, Yuya Mori, Masahiro “Godspeed” Aoki, Yosuke Sasaki, Ren, Ryosuke Nikamoto, Yoshinori Imai, Mayu Wakisaka

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Octopath Traveler


01 OCTOPATH Character Theme Medley Beyond Ver. 8:30
02 学問の都アトラスダム 4:16
03 街は川と共に生きる 4:06
04 洞窟ダンジョン~地下道ダンジョン 4:11
05 フィニスの門 3:38
06 大陸の覇者より~バトルアドバンスト 4:05
07 Beyond OCTOPATH TRAVELER -Main Theme- 4:40

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