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Never More —Reincarnation:PERSONA4—

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Never More —Reincarnation:PERSONA4—

ネバー*モア ─「ペルソナ4」輪廻転生─

Catalog Number     SVWC-7792
Release Date     Oct 26, 2011
Publish Format     Commercial
Release Price     3045 JPY
Media Format     CD
Classification     Arrangement
Published by     Aniplex
Composed by     Shoji Meguro
Arranged by     Shoji Meguro, Atsushi Kitajoh, Yoshinari Takegami, Daisensei Muroya
Performed by     Shihoko Hirata, Masanori Suzuki, Yoshinari Takegami, Daisensei Muroya, Tomomi Tokunaga, Tomomi Tokunaga, Aya Ito, Mikiyo Kikuchi, Takahiro Yuki, Atsushi Abe, Atlus Gasshoutai, Masahito Kawahara
Lyrics by     Yu Namba, RyoRca, Reiko Tanaka, Ben Franklin, Teppei Kobayashi, Lotus Juice, Shigeo Komori

Tracklist:01     Pursuing My True Self     3:05
02     Heartbeat, Heartbreak     4:05
03     Like a dream come true     3:44
04     I’ll Face Myself (–Battle–)     5:18
05     Reach Out To The Truth     4:22
06     Your Affection     4:04
07     Reverie     3:17
08     SMILE     5:02
09     Heaven     4:21
10     Signs Of Love     3:10
11     specialist     4:04
12     Never More     6:30

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