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Music of the golden witch

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Music of the golden witch


Catalog Number PMCD-0003
Release Date Oct 15, 2022
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price 3144 JPY
Media Format 2 CD
Classification Original Soundtrack, Arrangement, Vocal, Prototype/Unused
Publisher Pomexgranate.

Artist dai, Luck Ganriki, M.Zakky, Kanae Sakura, xaki, Zakuro Motoki
Jacket Illustration Takahito Exa

Products represented
Umineko no Naku Koro ni
Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chiru


Disc 1 [PMCD-0003-1] Original Soundtrack, Arrangement, Vocal, Prototype/Unused

01 Phosphene
02 Phosphene Side-S
03 Phosphene Side-Z
04 activepain Ver.CROSS
05 白金のエンピレオ Ver.CROSS
06 discode Ver.2022
07 Phosphene <WithoutVocal>
08 activepain Ver.CROSS <GameSize>
09 activepain Ver.CROSS <WithoutVocal>
10 白金のエンピレオ Ver.CROSS <GameSize>
11 白金のエンピレオ Ver.CROSS <WithoutVocal>
12 discode Ver.2022 <WithoutVocal>
13 ab-sinthe (UminekoSakuCS NewBGM)
14 ordinary-noon (UminekoSakuCS NewBGM)
15 dark-shines (UminekoSakuCS NewBGM)
16 Last stand
17 闇蜘蛛
18 怪談遊び
19 誘い
20 幻 VS 現
21 OriginalZ (PV Size)

Disc 2 [PMCD-0003-2] Vocal

01 旋律~シラベ~ <GameSize>
02 activepain <GameSize>
03 discode <GameSize>
04 なまえのないうた <GameSize>
05 Revelations <GameSize>
06 波動〜コノコエ〜
08 The End Of The World 〜世界の終わりに祝福の鐘は鳴る〜
09 Parallel World 〜願いが叶うなら〜
10 惨美歌
11 ひとつだけ願いをかなえてあげる
12 むすんでひらいて
13 深遠ノ解
14 少女≠M

“Umineko When They Cry” 15th Anniversary CD Project

“Phosphene” – New track made for Umineko When They Cry 15th Anniversary.

2.07 original title is “SHELTERING SKY” (originally from the album ACTIVE PAIN), mistyped as “SHELTERING SLY” in the official site.

1.04~06 are unreleased songs for Ougon Musoukyoku CROSS.

1.13~15 are new tracks composed for Umineko Saku consoles versions.

1.16 composed by dai
1.17 composed by M.Zakky
1.18 composed by M.Zakky
1.19 composed by M.Zakky
1.20 composed by Luck Ganriki

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