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Monster Hunter Orchestra Concert Shuryou Ongakusai 2015

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Monster Hunter Orchestra Concert Shuryou Ongakusai 2015

モンスターハンター オーケストラコンサート 狩猟音楽祭2015


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Monster Hunter series

Catalog Number     HIMJ-0005~6
Release Date     Oct 21, 2015
Publish Format     Commercial
Release Price     3927 JPY
Media Format     2 CD
Classification     Arrangement, Live Event
Published by     Harmonics Music
Composed by     Miwako Chinone, Marika Suzuki, Tadayoshi Makino, Reo Uratani, TECHNOuchi, Yuko Komiyama, Akihiko Narita, Masato Kouda
Arranged by     Tomomichi Takeoka, Kaoru Wada, Shuhei Kamimura, Kousuke Yamashita, Shiro Hamaguchi, Rio Koyama, Yasunori Iwasaki, Hayato Matsuo, Kazuhiko Sawaguchi, Miwako Chinone
Performed by     Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, HIDExHIDE (Hideki Ishigaki, Hideki Onoue), Masaru Teramae, Daisuke Miyazaki


Disc 1

01     One Thousand Glinting Blades / Seregios     3:08
02     Village of the Sun / Val Habar     3:54
03     Golden Reminiscence / Kecha Wacha     3:05
04     Moga, Village on the Sea ~ Blue / Inlet to Tanzia     6:35
05     Deep Blue Hard Shell / Brachydios     3:10
06     The Secret Hot Spring Where Hunters Meet     3:17
07     Violent Flash of Blue Light / Zinogre     3:36
08     Monster Hunter Diary Poka Poka Felyne Village     3:33
09     Monster Hunter Cross Medley <From Promotion Movie>     3:51
Disc length 34:09
Disc 2

01     I Will Keep On Living     2:50
02     Resonance of the Land and Sea / Lagiacrus     2:36
03     Pokke Village Theme     4:35
04     Black Shadow Dancing in the Storm / Kushala Daora ~ Empress of Flame / Teostra and Lunastra     4:24
05     A Glint in the Eye -The Hunted- ~ Roar / Rathalos ~ Crimson Horn / Monoblos     4:34
06     A Tremendous Creaking Battle ~ Heavy Wings     5:26
07     Proof of a Hero 4Version     2:50
08     An Angel’s Robe Dancing in the Hurricane ~ Life Burning in the Storm     3:36
09     Those Who Haunt One Thousand Swords ~ Those Who Resist Indignation     5:00
10     Winds of Departure     3:52
Disc length 39:43

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