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Memory’s Dogma CODE:01 Original Sound Track

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Memory’s Dogma CODE:01 Original Sound Track


Catalog Number     LIZ-0004~5
Release Date     Dec 29, 2016
Publish Format     Commercial
Release Price     1080 JPY
Media Format     2 CD
Classification     Original Soundtrack
Published by     Liz-Arts
Composed by     Arata Maruta, Wataru Takahashi
Arranged by     Arata Maruta
Performed by     Mitsuki Nakae
Lyrics by     Wataru Takahashi

Products represented
Memory’s Dogma CODE:01


1 Ethelein Full ver.
2 Memory’s Dogma Theme
3 AOI SORA no motode
4 AOI SORA no motode Piano ver.
5 Talking about
6 Tears of Sorrow
7 Connect Center
8 Hotaru no namida
9 Hi
10 Investigating
11 Emergency
12 To me, to you
13 Tell a Lie_
14 Connect dots A and B
15 Day to day
16 Curiosity Syncopation
17 Dancing frustrations
18 Close in on…

19 Daydream
20 Quiet Hour
21 Loser is me
22 Dirty Solution
23 O-fu tama
24 Senaka Awase
25 An unfortunate ambience
26 Tactical Blow
27 Torture
28 Edotomon Aro Sioa
29 Brave Darkness
30 Voices
31 After feeling
32 For the future
33 Decrypted Prayer
34 Memory’s Dogma Theme Acoustic ver
35 Ethelein OP ver.
36 Ethelein Instrumental ver.

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