Memorial Song Music Collection

Memorial Song Music Collection

Memorial Song Ongakushuu


Catalog Number HIDFC-2006~7
Release Date Oct 20, 2002
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 4000 JPY
Media Format 2 CD
Classification Original Soundtrack, Arrangement, Vocal
Phonographic Copyright DATAM POLYSTAR CO.,LTD

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Memorial Song


Disc 1 [HIDFC-2006] Original Soundtrack, Vocal

01 Memorial Song 5:00
02 Always You -ヒトミをとじれば- 5:33
03 We are 4:19
04 Pearl Sky 4:09
05 One self 4:56
06 聖母 5:26
07 Eternal Season 5:06
08 Memorial Song (カラオケ) 5:00
09 Always You -ヒトミをとじれば- (カラオケ) 5:32
10 We are (カラオケ) 4:19
11 Pearl Sky (カラオケ) 4:08
12 One self (カラオケ) 4:57
13 聖母 (カラオケ) 5:25
14 Eternal Season (カラオケ) 5:04
Disc length 68:54

Disc 2 [HIDFC-2007] Original Soundtrack, Arrangement

01 My Dear 3:12
02 Good Morning 1:41
03 Daily Happenings 3:05
04 My Own Way 2:30
05 Lovely Smile 2:27
06 We are(Friends or Not Ver.) 1:07
07 Pearl Sky(In Her Eyes Ver.) 1:19
08 Sweet Little Thing 3:01
09 In The Clouds 2:29
10 Fine na Feelin’ 2:39
11 Breezy Day 2:11
12 You and I 2:05
13 Blue Sky 2:15
14 Get Away! 0:44
15 黄昏 1:19
16 What Shall I Do? 1:55
17 Can’t Help It 1:39
18 叶わない想い 3:39
19 How Come… 3:37
20 It’s High Time!! 2:27
21 Fly into a Rage 1:25
22 In My Youth 3:13
23 Shocking Blue 3:22
24 不思議な夢 1:59
25 遠くで見つめて 1:28
26 Memorial Song(Orchestra Ver.) 3:27
27 Memorial Song(Orgel Ver.) 2:36
Disc length 62:51

Contains music for the PS2-exclusive visual novel Memorial Song.
Includes the opening & ending themes, character/story songs for each of the game’s five leads, and 27 BGM tracks.

Disc 1 ~Song Side~

M-1.01 – game theme song
Lyricist, Composer: Masami Okui
Arranger: Shuji Tashiro
Vocals: Mayumi Iizuka
Guitar: Mikihiko Matsumiya
Chorus: Lisa Ooki
Engineer: Akira Hiranaka

M-1.02 – Hinata Yuzuki story song
Lyricist/Composer: Kaoru Ito
Arranger: Kunio Kubota
Vocals: Mayumi Iizuka
Guitar: Kunio Kubota
Violin: Keiko Shiga
Engineer: Akira Hiranaka

M-1.03 – Chinatsu Kawamoto story song
Lyricist: Masami Okui
Composer: まもる@
Arranger: Kunio Kubota
Vocals: Kaoru Sasajima
Guitar: Kunio Kubota
Chorus: Lisa Ooki, Yukiko Yamashita
Engineer: Akira Hiranaka

M-1.04 – Nao Mizushima story song
Lyricist: Yukiko Mitsui
Composer: Hiroshi Egawa
Arranger: Kunio Kubota
Vocals: Urarako Suzuki
Guitar: Kunio Kubota
Chorus: Lisa Ooki, Yukiko Yamashita
Engineer: Akira Hiranaka

M-1.05 – Eri Takizawa story song
Lyricist/Composer: Masami Okui
Arranger: Shuji Tashiro
Vocal: Ai Tokunaga
Engineer: Akira Hiranaka

M-1.06 – Yurina Shiraishi story song
Lyricist/Composer: Masami Okui
Arranger: Shuji Tashiro
Vocal: Hiroko Takahashi
Guitar: Mikihiko Matsumiya
Engineer: Akira Hiranaka

M-1.07 – game ending theme
Lyricist: Yukiko Mitsui
Composer, Arranger: Kenichi Koyano
Vocals: Hiroko Takahashi
Chorus: Tomoko Fujino
Engineer: Akira Hiranaka

Recorded at PaleGreen Studio
ZERO Studio

Disc 2 ~BGM Side~

BGM Composed by Yasuyoshi Suzuki & Wataru Iwamoto

Staff List

■ Song Side Staff
● Producer: Yukio Kakehi
● A.Producer: Hirokazu Taki
● Co-ordinator: Tameharu Endo (CANDY)

■ BGM Side Staff
● Producer: Yukio Kakehi
● Co-Producer: Takayuki Fujiwara (EPICURUS Corp.)
● A.Producer: Hirokazu Taki
● Composed & Arranged: Yasuyoshi Suzuki, Wataru Iwamoto
● Engineer: Katsumi Shigeta

Producted by EPICURUS Corporation
Recorded at YAMAHA Epicurus Studio

● Special Thanks:
遠藤茂 (WOOD USE)
Office CHK
Yaegaki Office
I’m Enterprise

● Illustration: Kisaki

● Package Design: Keiko Funaki

● Liner Note: Memorial Song Game Director, Hirokazu Taki

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