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Lovers Again



Catalog Number NMGM-0002
Release Date Aug 17, 2007 C72
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price 1365 JPY
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack, Vocal, Original Work
Organizations Neko no Mikan

Composer SENTIVE, HIR, UI-70
Performer yuiko, YuNa, Ryouki Ruou, Tamari
Lyricist yuiko, Ryouki Ruou, Tamari

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Attack the Love Heart!!


01 恋のパズル Full Ver. 4:40
02 OVER-その先へ- Full Ver. 4:30
03 大、大、大好き [ねねイメージソング] 3:20
04 Confused Love [悠子イメージソング] 5:00
05 青空RUN [霞イメージソング] 4:53
06 curiosity killed the cat [ねねテーマ] 2:22
07 sweet days [悠子テーマ] 3:02
08 kindly smile [霞テーマ] 2:22
09 sunshine [日常・朝昼晩汎用] 2:12
10 cast the die [日常・昼] 3:03
11 lights out [日常・夜] 2:03
12 go ahead! [バイオレンス] 1:34
13 want some? [おちゃらけ] 1:08
14 the unveiled [戦慄] 2:03
15 painful heart [告白] 2:37
16 in loving, in being loved [濡れ場] 3:16
17 relief [エピローグ] 2:37
18 大、大、大好き にゃんこ Ver 3:21
Disc length 54:03

Released at Comiket 72.

BGM composed by UI-70.

Koi no Puzzle (OP theme)
Composition/Arrangement: SENTIVE
Vocals/Lyrics: yuiko

OVER -Sono Saki he- (ED theme)
Composition/Arrangement: SENTIVE
Vocals: YuNa
Lyrics: yuiko

Dai, Dai, Daisuki (Nene image song)
Composition/Arrangement: HIR
Vocals/Lyrics: Ryouki Ruou

Confused Love (Yuuko image song)
Composition/Arrangement: HIR
Vocals/Lyrics: Tamari

Aozora RUN (Kasumi image song)
Composition/Arrangement: SENTIVE
Vocals/Lyrics: yuiko

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