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Libra of precatus Original Soundtrack

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Libra of precatus Original Soundtrack

プレカトゥスの天秤 Original Soundtrack
Precatus no Tenbin Original Soundtrack


Catalog Number NCRS-0024~5
Barcode 4571395770244
Release Date Jun 05, 2019
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 3800 JPY
Media Format 2 CD
Classification Original Soundtrack
Label noisycroak RECORDS
Publisher noisycroak Co.,Ltd.
Manufacturer City Connection
Distributor SuperSweep co., ltd.
Phonographic Copyright Fuji Games, Inc.

Sound Production noisycroak Co.,Ltd.
Sound Producer Hideki Sakamoto (noisycroak Co.,Ltd.)
Sound Director Yuta Fukuda (noisycroak Co.,Ltd.)
Composer Hideki Sakamoto (noisycroak Co.,Ltd.), Keisuke Ito (noisycroak Co.,Ltd.), Ryusuke Fujioka (noisycroak Co.,Ltd.)
Arranger Hideki Sakamoto (noisycroak Co.,Ltd.), Keisuke Ito (noisycroak Co.,Ltd.), Ryusuke Fujioka (noisycroak Co.,Ltd.)
Violin Hitoshi Konno, Tomomi Tokunaga, Kyoko Ishigame, Natsue Kameda, Masahiko Todo, Naomi Urushibara, Yasuhiro Morimoto, Machi Okabe, Ayaka Jomoto
Viola Mikiyo Kikuchi, Atsushi Nagaishi
Cello Takayoshi Okuizumi, Masami Horisawa, Masateru Nishikata
Contrabass Hisami Tamaki
Flute Hideyo Takakuwa
Oboe Takayuki Mogami
English Horn Takayuki Mogami
Clarinet Hidehito Naka
Recording Engineer Masaki Takamura (ONKIO HAUS), Mio Hirai (SoundCity), Takuya Komiyama (noisycroak Co.,Ltd.)
Mixing Engineer Takuya Komiyama (noisycroak Co.,Ltd.)
Director Yuta Fukuda (noisycroak Co.,Ltd.)
Assistant Director Yuki Jinnouchi (noisycroak Co.,Ltd.), Yo Kudo (noisycroak Co.,Ltd.)
Package Art Direction Tadashi Shimada (T.S.D)
Package Design Tadashi Shimada, Norie Kadokura
Mastering Engineer Wataru Ishii (ONKIO HAUS)
Sales Promotion SuperSweep co.,ltd.
Producer Hideki Sakamoto (noisycroak Co.,Ltd.)
Special Thanks Fuji Games, Inc., SMILE-LAB Co.,Ltd., Rejet Co.,Ltd., ONKIO HAUS, SoundCity

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Libra of precatus


Disc 1 [NCRS-0024]

01 プレカトゥスの天秤 3:04
02 我ら勝利を渇望せり 2:31
03 その名誉は傲慢にも似て 2:51
04 無情なる者ども 2:14
05 氷雪の下、怠惰に沈む 3:16
06 研鑽の果て、探求の奈落 2:27
07 絢爛たる光と隠匿の影 2:27
08 静寂ニ捧グ犠牲 2:27
09 波紋 1:22
10 追憶 2:18
11 汝が正義を旗印に掲げよ 2:05
12 出撃準備 1:17
13 有翼獅子の進軍 1:36
14 真実を求める貴公子 1:26
15 混沌の街の万屋 1:40
16 悲嘆への序曲 1:02
17 遠き暁を撃て 1:19
18 華やかに夜に咲く 1:13
19 霊伐隊、出撃セヨ 1:19
20 激突 ~正義と正義~ 3:15
21 栄冠 1:22
22 いつか国境を超えて 1:40
23 歴史図書館 3:03
Disc length 47:14

Disc 2 [NCRS-0025]

01 僕にとっての正義は、世界にとっての罪なのか 2:41
02 観測者への助力 1:09
03 マギカイトの導き 1:18
04 兵士たちよ武器をとれ 1:17
05 演習開始! 1:13
06 穏やかなる日々 1:39
07 賑わう街 1:18
08 困惑 1:13
09 喪われた未来 1:04
10 鉱石の秘密 1:20
11 噴出する悪意 1:21
12 緊急事態発生 1:37
13 忠義と裏切り 3:49
14 旧き腐敗 2:38
15 信念あればこそ 2:20
16 革命の終焉 3:05
17 分かたれた道 2:21
18 その手を解いて 2:23
19 礎 (いしずえ) 2:11
20 今はひとひらの幸福を 1:55
21 それでも貴方は征くのでしょう 3:38
22 祈りの塔 ~その罪は、汚れた正義を掴むのか~ 3:44
Disc length 45:14

Note: Digital version has catalog number NCRI-0054~55.

Music Staff
Sound Production by: noisycroak Co.,Ltd.
Sound Producer: Hideki Sakamoto (noisycroak Co.,Ltd.)
Sound Director: Yuta Fukuda (noisycroak Co.,Ltd.)

Music by: Hideki Sakamoto (noisycroak Co.,Ltd.)
[Disc 1 M01-M08 / Disc 2 M22] Keisuke Ito (noisycroak Co.,Ltd.)
[Disc 1 M09-M10,M12,M14-M15,M17-M21,M23 / Disc 2 M01,M04-M06,M08-M10,M12,M14-M15,M17-M21] Ryusuke Fujioka (noisycroak Co.,Ltd.)
[Disc 1 M11,M13,M16,M22 / Disc 2 M02-M03,M07,M11,M13,M16] Disc 2 M01 composed by Hideki Sakamoto & arranged by Keisuke Ito

Violin: Hitoshi Konno
Tomomi Tokunaga
Kyoko Ishigame
Natsue Kameda
Masahiko Todo
Naomi Urushibara
Yasuhiro Morimoto
Machi Okabe
Ayaka Jomoto
Viola: Mikiyo Kikuchi
Atsushi Nagaishi
Cello: Takayoshi Okuizumi
Masami Horisawa
Masateru Nishikata
Contrabass: Hisami Tamaki
Flute: Hideyo Takakuwa
Oboe&English horn: Takayuki Mogami
Clarinet: Hidehito Naka

Recording Engineer: Masaki Takamura (ONKIO HAUS)
Mio Hirai (SoundCity)
Takuya Komiyama (noisycroak Co.,Ltd.)

Mixing Engineer: Takuya Komiyama (noisycroak Co.,Ltd.)

Soundtrack Staff
Director: Yuta Fukuda (noisycroak Co.,Ltd.)
Assistant Director: Yuki Jinnouchi (noisycroak Co.,Ltd.)
Yo Kudo (noisycroak Co.,Ltd.)
Package Art Direction: Tadashi Shimada (T.S.D)
Package Design: Tadashi Shimada, Norie Kadokura
Mastering Engineer: Wataru Ishii (ONKIO HAUS)
Sales Promotion: SuperSweep co.,ltd.
Producer: Hideki Sakamoto (noisycroak Co.,Ltd.)

Original Game Staff
Executive Producer: Takehiko Fukui (Fuji Games, Inc.)
Development Producer: Takahiro Ito (SMILE-LAB Co.,Ltd.)
Promotion Producer: Yuma Matsumoto (Fuji Games, Inc.)
Original Art: Hirotaka Maeda (Rejet Co.,Ltd.)

Special Thanks: Fuji Games, Inc.
Rejet Co.,Ltd.

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