Kowloon Treasure Juvenile 1st Relic Yoh-Ma Gakuen Ki Sound Track

Kowloon Treasure Juvenile 1st Relic Yoh-Ma Gakuen Ki Sound Track

Kowloon Treasure Juvenile 1st Relic Yoh-Ma Gakuen Ki Sound Track

九龍妖魔學園紀 サウンドトラック


Catalog Number FCCT-0027
Barcode 4562141564361
Release Date Feb 25, 2005
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 3675 JPY
Media Format 2 CD
Classification Original Soundtrack
Label M:X
Publisher Frontier Works Inc.
Distributor Frontier Works Inc., GENEON ENTERTAINMENT INC.

Composer Takashi Nitta
Arranger Takashi Nitta, Hajime Ogasawara
Performer Eri Kitamura, Hajime Ogasawara, Yoko Yamada
Lyricist Shuhou Imai
Recording Studio Fieldworks Studio, T’s Music Studio, Ogas Studio
Mixing Engineer Takashi Nitta, Minoru Tanaka, Hajime Ogasawara, Kohji Tominaga
Mastering Engineer Machiko Suzue
Mastering Studio Sony Music Entertainment
Programmer Takashi Nitta

Products represented
Kowloon Yoh-Ma Gakuen Ki


01 Kowloon theme 1:43
02 Azimuth angle 1:41
03 Operation Pylon 2:07
04 Iron sight 0:07
05 Lying-up 1:25
06 Human intelligence 1:47
07 Foxhole 1:19
08 Night stalker 1:54
09 Day and night fever 2:02
10 Night observation 1:42
11 Beyond visual range 1:53
12 Search and rescue 1:41
13 Active radar homing 1:21
14 Operation medley 10:41
15 Cross quarter battle 1:47
16 Spiral bullet 1:33
17 Medal of honor 2:52
18 Irene 1:41
19 Brew 2:05
20 Demilitarized zone 2:16
21 Rendezvous point 1:59
22 Briefing room 3:05
23 Shadow of JADE 1:55
24 Glorious Rosetta 0:44
25 Operation Juliet 2:04
26 Coin 1:43
27 Killed in action 0:52
28 Madame Butterfly 1:01
29 Stealth piecing 1:02
30 Twin trajectory 2:13
31 Love affair 1:56
32 Operation Alpha 1:48
33 Operation Masterpiece 2:19
34 Fire Brigade 3:06
Disc length 69:24

Disc 2

01 Aoki Blues (Short Version) 1:35
02 Aoki Blues (Long Version) 4:04
03 Aoki Blues (Inst. Version) 4:02
Disc length 9:41

All Composed, Arranged, Music Programing & Sound Produce: Takashi Nitta

Additional Trumpet: Hajime Ogasawara

Arrangement: Hajime Ogasawara & Takashi Nitta
Guitars & Trumpet: Hajime Ogasawara

DISC2-01, 02, 03
Lyrics: Shuhou Imai
Music: Takashi Nitta
Arrangement, Programming: Takashi Nitta
Performance: Eri Kitamura
E. Guitar: Hajime Ogasawara
Chorus: Yoko Yamada

Supervisor: Shuhou Imai
Executive Producer: Takeshi Oikawa
Producers: Mitsuteru Shibata (Frontier Workd), Yuko Kon (Frontier Works)
Assistant Producer: Emi Furuki (Frontier Works)

Mixing Engineer: Takashi Nitta, Minoru Tanaka, Hajime Ogasawara, Kohji Tominaga (T’s Music)
Recording Studio: Fieldworks Studio, T’s Music Studio, Ogas Studio
Mastering Engineer: Machiko Suzue (Sony Music Studios Tokyo)
Mastering Studio: Sony Music Entertainment
Musician Coordinate: Tsutomu Satomi (Uchida Ongaku Jimusyo)
Design: Ryoko Kasui

Photographer: Kiyohide Matsumura
Model: Glenn M. Ray
Hair-Make: Hiroki Ota

Production Coordinator: Shoichi Tsutsumi (ATLUS)

Special Thanks: Takumi Yokoyama, Michinao Tanaka, Masahiro Yamakami

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