Jubeat Prop Original Soundtrack

Jubeat Prop Original Soundtrack

Jubeat Prop Original Soundtrack

Catalog Number     GFCA-427
Release Date     Jan 11, 2017
Publish Format     Commercial
Release Price     2160 JPY
Media Format     CD
Classification     Original Soundtrack
Published by     Konami Digital Entertainment

Products represented
jubeat Prop

1. prop the world
2. Braid&Blade
3. Ausretious#1-まどろみ,或いは嘆色の夢-
4. Niflheimr
5. glacia
6. Two Pianists
7. Too Late Snow
8. アレスの楯
9. overcomplexification
10. 炎のDiargos
11. アガット
12. Towards the TOWER
13. Sacrifice for Justice
14. twinkle noise
15. Rock The Club
16. 日天悦扇紊舞
17. 霖が哭く
18. Diargosの森
20. Slluuddggee
21. ススススペースハリネズミ
22. Just Believe
23. Chloe
24. アレスの楯(Long Version)
25. Slluuddggee(Extended)
26. 日天悦扇紊舞(Long Version)
27. Theme from jubeat prop(Production B.G.M)
28. title bgm loop(Production B.G.M)
29. card entry bgm(Production B.G.M)
30. information bgm(Production B.G.M)
31. local matching bgm(Production B.G.M)
32. online matching bgm(Production B.G.M)
33. tutorial bgm(Production B.G.M)
34. difficulty select bgm(Production B.G.M)
35. result bgm(Production B.G.M)
36. total result bgm(Production B.G.M)
37. emblem bgm(Production B.G.M)
38. game over bgm(Production B.G.M)
39. jubeat Christmas! movie bgm(Production B.G.M)
40. スミスのきまぐれジェントル bgm(Production B.G.M)

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