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Genshin Impact – Islands of the Lost and Forgotten

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Genshin Impact – Islands of the Lost and Forgotten

原神-佚落迁忘之岛 Islands of the Lost and Forgotten
原神-遺失と忘却の島 Islands of the Lost and Forgotten

Catalog Number N/A
Barcode 3616846231064
Release Date Apr 13, 2022
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 14.99 USD
Media Format 3 Digital
Classification Original Soundtrack
Publisher miHoYo

Composer Yu-Peng Chen, Xin Zhao, Yijun Jiang, Qian Ding, Dimeng Yuan
Arranger Yu-Peng Chen, Xin Zhao, Yijun Jiang
Lyricist Yu Sun
Orchestrator Yu-Peng Chen, Xin Zhao, Yijun Jiang, Qian Ding, Dimeng Yuan
Electroacoustic Orchestrator Dimeng Yuan
Singer He Lin
Soprano Solo Yi Li
First Choir Lin Tang, Huiying Su, Liying Yang, Xinxin Du, Xiaoxi Wang, Wenqian Bao
Second Choir Shanghai Philharmonic Society & Choir
Shakuhachi Mamino Yorita, Jiannan Gu
Shamisen Junnosuke Uehara
Tsugaru Shamisen Shamio, Yutaka Oyama
Koto Kasumi Watanabe
1st Violin Yue Zhu
2nd Violin Chang Luo
Violin Chang Luo, Yue Zhu
Viola Yizhu Mao
Cello Xiaolong Chen
Double Bass Bingyang Yang
Electric Guitar Yingxuan Wei, Xin Zhao, Yijun Jiang
Piano Yu-Peng Chen
Orchestra International Master Philharmonic Orchestra, Art of Dragon Orchestra, London Philharmonic Orchestra
Conductor Robert Ziegler
Recording Studio Jintian Recording Studio, Heartbeat Recording Studio, Shanghai Media Group, 52Hz Studio, Onkio Haus, Shangri-la Studio, Air Studios
Music Supervisor Satoshi Chiba (Sony Music Publishing (Japan) Inc.), Ryo Yamamura (Sony Music Publishing (Japan) Inc.)
Recording Engineer Xiaosi Wang, Takashi Yoshiba (Smart Break Sound), Jiawei Mo, Zach Huang, Yuta Tateishi (SHANGRI-LA Inc.), Nick Wollage
ProTools Engineer Laurence Anslow
Mixing Engineer Zach Huang, Yu-Peng Chen, Simon Rhodes, Junjie Liu, Yijun Jiang
Mastering Zach Huang
Co-production Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc.
Production HOYO-MiX
Assistant Producer Tomonori Hirata (Sony Music Publishing (Japan) Inc.)
Musician Contractor Tsutomu Satomi (SHANGRI-LA Inc.), Aki Haruyama (SHANGRI-LA Inc.)
Coordinator Ma Xuetong (Sony Group Corporation), Tomoki Murata (Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc.), Ryu Haku (Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc.)
Music Business Affairs Kana Tsuji (Sony Music Publishing (Japan) Inc.), Ichiro Murakami (Sony Music Publishing (Japan) Inc.)
Recording Assistants Ryuho Ichikawa (Joint1), Ayumu Musha (Joint1), Kenta Murakami (Onkio Haus)
Thanks Yi Fengyu, Sumiyo Takahashi (Joint1), Yohei Horiuchi (Joint1)

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Genshin Impact


Disc 1

01 Island of Crystal and Pearl 1:31
02 Illuminated Coral Palace 1:23
03 Peaceful Wishes 1:05
04 A Tranquil Town 1:08
05 Stroll Along the Beach 1:19
06 In a Harmonious Atmosphere 1:38
07 Stories Untold 2:21
08 What Now Remains 1:57
09 Roaming in Silence 1:27
10 Lonely Journey 1:09
11 Swath of Desolation 1:10
12 Echoes of Solitude 1:42
13 Mournful Whisperings 1:42
14 Desire for Calm 1:47
15 A Fragment of Peace 1:01
16 Slumbering Land of Neko 1:00
17 Savory Treat 1:25
18 Narukami-Bayashi 1:33
19 In a Cautious Way 1:14
20 Silent Seclusion 1:24
21 Contemplation on Eternity 1:24
22 A Sepulchral Gloom 1:09
23 When All Has Elapsed 2:08
24 Sorrows of Strays 2:17
25 Misty Truth 0:51
26 Wandering in the Mist 1:55
27 Walking a Pathless Path 1:59
28 Fading Memories 1:30
29 A Memorable Fancy 1:28
30 Ruu’s Melody 1:29
Disc length 45:06

Disc 2

01 Pathway to the Hidden Isles 2:30
02 Sink Into Oblivion 2:14
03 The Abysmal Region 1:48
04 The Glooming Light 2:31
05 The Shallow Melancholy 1:43
06 Drops of Time 1:44
07 Evanescent Moments 2:02
08 A Glimpse of Old Dreams 1:55
09 Like in a Haze 1:52
10 Chthonian Voices 1:15
11 The Gaze of the Ancients 1:32
12 Soft Moans of the Remains 1:45
13 The Long Dark Night 1:34
14 A Dim Echo of the Past 1:58
15 In the Brink of Time 2:00
16 Drift Along the Lethe 2:18
17 Now and Forevermore 1:58
18 At Dawn and Dusk 2:12
19 Tales of Woe 2:14
20 Tearless Souls of Byakuya 2:15
21 The Realm of Tokoyo 2:06
22 Hope or Nostalgia 2:06
Disc length 43:32

Disc 3

01 Chrysalis Suspirii 3:27
02 Saltatio Favillae 3:02
03 Bane of Ambitions 1:49
04 Thunderings of the Merciless 3:28
05 The Almighty Violet Thunder 3:28
06 Combat Beneath the Waves 4:06
07 Undersea Encounters 3:26
08 No Turning Back 4:05
Disc length 26:51


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