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Falcom jdk BAND Diva Kanako sings Vol.1

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Falcom jdk BAND Diva Kanako sings Vol.1

ファルコムjdkバンドディーバ小寺可南子シングス Vol.1


Catalog Number     NW10103210
Release Date     Feb 28, 2013C83
Publish Format     Commercial
Release Price     1575 JPY
Media Format     CD
Classification     Vocal
Published by     Falcom
Composed by     Falcom Sound Team jdk
Arranged by     Kohei Wada, Yukihiro Jindo, Toshiharu Okajima, jdk Band
Performed by     Kanako Kotera, Ayako Shibazaki, Miki Sumiya, jdk Band, Akiko Nagano, Mizuki Mizutani, Noriyuki Kamikura, Akihiro Goto, Masaru Teramae, Daisuke Miyazaki, Terukazu Inoue, Atsushi Enomoto, Kotarow Hatanaka, Toshiharu Okajima, Seiji Okajima
Lyrics by     Ayako Shibazaki, Hideaki Hamada, Kyo Hifumi, Kanako Kotera, Falcom Sound Team jdk, Midori Kawana

01     I swear…     6:13
02     Dive into your fate     4:28
03     missin’     6:37
04     Look Up at the Sky     5:47
05     cry for me, cry for you     4:26
06     Our Future     4:13
07     Requiem of the Sound of Waves ~Ship~     4:44
08     In Adventure World     5:11
09     Victory!!     4:10
10     Rush Out!     5:11
11     Pandora     4:10
12     way of life     4:14

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