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DRACU-RIOT! Original Soundtrack

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DRACU-RIOT! Original Soundtrack

DRACU-RIOT! オリジナル・サウンドトラック


Catalog Number YSCD-0024~5
Barcode 4560100333683
Release Date Aug 24, 2012
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 2100 JPY
Media Format 2 CD
Classification Original Soundtrack, Vocal
Publisher YUZUSOFT

Music Composer Famishin
Arranger Satoru Inohara (Angel Note)
Lyricist Yui Sakakibara, Riryka (Angel Note)
Vocals Yui Sakakibara, Riryka (Angel Note)
Opening Sound Produced by Angel Note
Ending Sound Produced by Angel Note
Opening Drums 果糖無烏史
Opening Guitar 三浦浩
Ending Guitar Yasuo Asai
Guitar 三浦浩, R.East (AngelNote)
Opening Bass 山本一朗
Opening Trumpet Daisuke Okusawa
Opening Sax Haruo Nakatsuka
Opening Trombone Hiroyuki Tsutsui
BGM Trumpet Daisuke Okusawa
BGM Sax Haruo Nakatsuka
BGM Trombone Hiroyuki Tsutsui
Recording Director Luhica Suzuki (Angel Note)
Recording Engineer Megumi Seta, 創創
Mixing Engineer Satoru Inohara (AngelNote)
Jacket Illustration Muririn, Haruka Komowata
Jacket Color Senji
Design Senji
Special Thanks LOVExTRAX, Russell Co.,Ltd.

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Disc 1 Original Soundtrack, Vocal

01 Scarlet ~DRACU-RIOT! OP主題歌~ 3:59
02 Scarlet (Title Version) 1:44
03 Dazzling Sun 3:39
04 Boke and Tsukkomi 1:11
05 Playful People 4:12
06 Contemplation 1:46
07 Disturbing Air 1:36
08 Assault! 2:23
09 Tense Moment 2:10
10 Discomfort 1:42
11 Soldiers to Confront 1:53
12 Looming Crisis 1:37
13 Battle of Vampire 2:05
14 Awakening of the Twilight 2:09
15 Spread Anxiety 2:14
16 Grieving 2:54
17 Embrace 3:40
18 Scarlet <Piano Version> 2:42
19 Scarlet (Game Size) 1:36
20 Damedame 2:03
21 Daily Night 5:20
22 Accomplishment of the Adult 2:00
23 Peaceful Life 4:36
24 Chock-full Motivation 3:19
25 Indulge in Feelings 3:43
26 Really Fun Time! 3:29
Disc length 69:42

Disc 2 Original Soundtrack

01 Love Incident <Instrument Version> 3:05
02 Growing! <Instrument Version> 3:12
03 きっと大丈夫 <Instrument Version> 3:32
04 NO LIMIT <Instrument Version> 3:32
05 NO LIMIT <Quiet Version> 1:59
06 Vampire Obsession 2:22
07 Vampire Obsession <Quiet Version> 1:24
08 Sandman Strikes 1:54
09 Running Across the Night! 2:48
10 Confession 5:13
11 Love Deepens 2:32
12 君だけの僕 (Game Size) 3:08
13 君だけの僕 ~DRACU-RIOT! ED 主題歌~ 3:00
14 君だけの僕 4:11
15 Scarlet (Karaoke Version) 3:59
16 君だけの僕 (Karaoke Version) 4:11
17 未使用曲1 3:43
18 未使用曲2 4:27
Disc length 58:12

Music Composer: Famishin

OP·ED Sound Produced by Angel Note

[MUSICIANS] OP Drums: 果糖無烏史
OP Guitar: 三浦浩
OP Bass: 山本一朗
OP&BGM Trumpet: Daisuke Okusawa
OP&BGM Sax: Haruo Nakatsuka
OP&BGM Trombone: Hiroyuki Tsutsui
BGM Guitar: R.East (AngelNote)

Recording Director: Luhica Suzuki (Angel Note)
Recording Engineer: MEGUMI SETA, 創創
OP·ED Mixing Engineer: Satoru Inohara (AngelNote)

Jacket Illustration: Muririn, Haruka Komowata
Jacket Color & Design: Senji

[Special Thanks] LOVExTRAX
Russell Co.,Ltd.

M-1.01 – Opening Theme
Vocals: Yui Sakakibara
Composer: Famishin (YUZUSOFT)
Arranger: Satoru Inohara (Angel Note)
Lyricist: Yui Sakakibara

M-2.13 – Ending Theme
Vocals: Riryka (Angel Note)
Composer: Famishin (YUZUSOFT)
Arranger: Satoru Inohara (Angel Note)
Lyricist: Riryka (Angel Note)

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