Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness Official Soundtrack with Bonus Tracks

Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness Official Soundtrack with Bonus Tracks

Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness Official Soundtrack with Bonus Tracks

Disgaea D2 Official Soundtrack


Catalog Number DDT1-PS3-US-OST-SLE (U.S. printing of BLJS-10205)
Release Date Oct 08, 2013
Publish Format Commercial, Enclosure
Release Price 49.99 USD (Package Price)
Media Format 2 CD
Classification Original Soundtrack
Publisher NIS America

Composer Tenpei Sato
Arranger Tenpei Sato
Performer Minori Chihara, Suzuko Mimori, Mai Yoshida, Maya Aramaki, Tenpei Sato, Yui Sakihama, Lynne Hobday
Lyricist Shin Furuya, Yurina Tanaka, 西塚伸子, Tenpei Sato

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Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness


Disc 1 [DDT1-PS3-US-OST-CD-1]

02 Roar of the Netherworld~Darkness 2:35
03 Devil Rock Hero 2:28
04 Sailing 2:40
05 Heaven’s Blossom 2:46
06 Tasty☆Magic 2:33
07 Next Departure 2:19
08 Moving Express 2:25
09 Bad Guy 2:13
10 Paradise Basket 2:03
11 Brown Leaf 2:22
12 Yokubarikko-Ring♪ 3:48
13 AKUMAsium 2:05
14 Prince of Darkness 2:09
15 Popping Over 1:04
16 Black Screamer 2:07
17 Live Arrival 3:35
18 Ray of Light 3:01
19 Devil Pop Star 2:32
20 Super Timer 1:05
21 Crash the Gate 2:22
22 Rockin’ Princess 2:15
23 Little Brave 2:23
24 Big Red Moon 2:19
25 Sad to Say 2:15
26 Dramatic Devil Story 3:20
27 Next Story 7:58
Disc length 70:32

Disc 2 [DDT1-PS3-US-OST-CD-2]

01 Sparkling 2:30
02 Rosen Queen Co., Netherworld Branch 2:05
03 Akuma Drops 2:00
04 Witch Hunting 2:16
05 Angel Smile 3:27
06 Hysterical Kingdom 2:29
07 Go Go Girl 1:51
08 Elegant Darksters 2:19
09 The Pranking Demon’s Footsteps 1:38
10 Running Fire 2:32
11 Disgaea 2:55
12 The Sad Angel 3:24
13 Pandora Ignition 4:12
Disc length 33:38

Comes with the Standard version of the game “Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness”, exclusively sold on NIS America website.

2 discs in paper sleeve.

Disc 1 is labeled “Original Soundtrack”.
Disc 2 is labeled “Bonus Tracks”.

All Music Composed & Arranged by Tenpei Sato

Lyrics: Shin Furuya
Strings Arrangement: Koichiro Muroya
Vocals: Minori Chihara

Lyrics: Yurina Tanaka/田中由里奈, 西塚伸子, Tenpei Sato
Vocals: Yui Sakihama
Chorus: Lynne Hobday, Tenpei Sato

“Live Arrival”
Lyricist: Yurina Tanaka
Vocals: Tenpei Sato
Chorus: Lynne Hobday

Lyricist: Yurina Tanaka
Vocals: Mai Yoshida

“Rockin’ Princess”
Lyricist: Yurina Tanaka
Vocals: Suzuko Mimori

Lyricist: Yurina Tanaka
Vocals: Maya Aramaki

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