Bungo and Alchemist Music Collection

Bungo and Alchemist Music Collection

Bungo and Alchemist Music Collection

文豪とアルケミスト 劇伴音樂集


Catalog Number NCRS-0018
Release Date May 31, 2017
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 2800 JPY
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack, Arrangement
Published by noisycroak RECORDS (distributed by SuperSweep)
Composed by Hideki Sakamoto
Arranged by Hideki Sakamoto
Performed by Hideki Sakamoto, Mari Matsubara, Hitoshi Konno, Tomomi Tokunaga, Naomi Urushibara, Natsue Kameda, Kyoko Ishigame, Ayaka Jomoto, Shizuka Kawaguchi, Sachie Onuma, Atsushi Nagaishi, Takayoshi Okuizumi, Masateru Nishikata, Hisami Tamaki, Momoko Wakayama, Norito Kamiyama, Ayaka Ando

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Bungo and Alchemist


01 文豪とアルケミスト
02 憩
03 和
04 いざ征きめやも
05 蝕ミニ抗フ文士タレ
06 破綻スル齒車
07 結果報告 ~勝利ノ場合~
08 結果報告 ~敗北ノ場合~
09 廻覽
10 折衷食堂
11 未知ノ路往く文士タレ
12 焦眉ニ抗フ文士タレ
13 開進止メヌ文士タレ
14 館長ノ御題曲
15 文豪とアルケミスト 〜Piano ver.〜
16 憩 〜Strings ver.〜
17 破綻スル齒車 〜Orchestra ver.〜
18 文豪とアルケミスト 〜Orchestra ver.〜

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