BIOHAZARD OUTBREAK Original Soundtrack

BIOHAZARD OUTBREAK Original Soundtrack

BIOHAZARD OUTBREAK Original Soundtrack

バイオハザード アウトブレイク オリジナル・サウンドトラック
Resident Evil Outbreak Original Soundtrack


Catalog Number KICA-1324
Barcode 4988003295837
Release Date Feb 25, 2004
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 2730 JPY
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack
Label KING
Manufacturer King Record Co., Ltd.
Distributor King Record Co., Ltd.
Phonographic Copyright King Record Co., Ltd.

Music Akihiko Matsumoto, Tetsuya Shibata (Capcom), Etsuko Yoneda (Capcom), Mitsuhiko Takano (Capcom), Kento Hasegawa (Capcom), Masato Kohda
Orchestrated by Akihiko Matsumoto, Kae M. Black
Additional Arrangement Akira Morishita
Strings Hiroyuki Koike Strings
Synthesizer Akira Morishita
Conductor Koji Haishima
Recording Engineer Eiji Uchinuma, Akira Morishita
Recording Studio Studio Lights, Sound Inn
Mixing Engineer Eiji Uchinuma, Youichiro Kano
Mixing Studio West Side, Sound Inn
Musician Coordinator Takashi Yokoo (Music Land)
Mastering Engineer Kazushi Kyogoku
Mastering Studio Hitokuchi-zaka Studio
Programmer Akira Morishita
Sound Director Tetsuya Shibata (Capcom)
Sound Producer Akihiko Matsumoto
Design Yoshinobu Yamaguchi (works D)
Promoter Akiko Aizu (King Records), Yutaka Tachibana (Rockdom Artists)
Artist Management Kaoki Nomura (Rockdom Artists)
Sales Promoter Masanobu Sato (King Records)
Recording Coordinator Hiromi Shibuuta (Mixer’s Lab)
Visual Coordinator Shigeru Sasaka (King Records)
Production Coordinator Jun Nishino (Capcom), Mareo Yamada (Capcom)
Directed by Shigenori Iwase (King Records)
Producer Isamu Tanaka (King Records)
Executive Producer Tsuyoshi Tanaka (Capcom), Ted Nagao (Rockdom Artists)
Special Thanks “Biohazard Outbreak” All Staff, Capcom All Staff, Tomonobu Kikuchi (Soytzer Music), Yuji Ishigaki (Studio Lights), Hironori Nishiyama (Studio Lights)

Products represented
Resident Evil Outbreak


02 Character Select (Character Select) 1:34
03 Happy Hour Jam Session (J’sBar) 2:03
04 The Plague Cometh (Outbreak Scenario) 1:53
05 Split Seconds (Countdown) 2:22
06 Boom! You’re Dead! (Blow Up!) 0:56
07 Distant Future (Outbreak Scenario Ending) 2:14
08 Into the Unknown (Below Freezing Point Scenario) 1:47
09 Freezer Burn (Countdown) 1:51
10 One Big Mutha (G-Mutant Battle) 1:17
11 The Unpleasant Train (Below Freezing Point Scenario Ending) 2:46
12 No Rest for the Wicked (The Hive Scenario) 2:12
13 Here, There, Everywhere (Leech Man Appearance) 0:40
14 Despair (Giant Leech Battle) 1:24
15 The Waterway of Darkness (The Hive Scenario Ending) 1:48
16 Result Screen (Scenario Result) 0:49
17 The Fire Within (Hellfire Scenario Prologue) 3:23
18 Hell on Earth (Hellfire Scenario Last Chapter) 1:00
19 Laying it on the Line (Suspended Battle) 0:31
20 Of Wisdoms, Truths, and Tyrants (Decisions, decisions Scenario) 1:44
21 The Torment of Time (Escape) 1:03
22 Thanatos is Born (Thanatos Battle) 1:33
23 Thanatos Revisited (Thanatos-R Battle) 2:11
24 3rd Time’s the Charm (Revived Thanatos-R Battle) 2:13
25 “BIOHAZARD OUTBREAK” REPRISE (Decisions, decisions Ending ver.1) 1:55
26 The Extermination (Decisions, decisions Ending ver.2) 3:55
27 The Resident Evil Outbreak ~ Staff Roll (Staff Roll) 3:44
28 The Big Picture (Game Result) 1:39
29 UMBRELLA (Epilogue) 2:28
30 So Many Options (Game Option) 1:34
31 Gallery Screen (Gallery) 1:30
Disc length 59:27

Music by

Akihiko Matsumoto [M-01,07,11,15,25,26,27,29] Tetsuya Shibata (CAPCOM) [M-02,03,16,21,24,28,30] Etsuko Yoneda (CAPCOM) [M-04,05,09,12,13,17,24,31] Mitsuhiko Takano (CAPCOM) [M-06,08,10] Kento Hasegawa (CAPCOM) [M-14,18,22,23] Masato Kohda [M-19,20]


Sound Producer: Akihiko Matsumoto
Sound Director: Tetsuya Shibata(CAPCOM)


Orchestrated by Akihiko Matsumoto, Kae.M.Black
Synthesizer, Programming & Additional Arrangement: Akira Morishita
Strings: Hiroyuki Koike Strings
Conductor: Koji Haishima

Recording & Mixing Engineer: Eiji Uchinuma
Recording Engineer: Akira Morishita
Mixing Engineer: Youichiro Kano

Musician Coordinator: Takashi Yokoo(MUSIC LAND)
Recording Coordinator: Hiromi Shibuuta(MIXER’s LAB)

Mastered by Kazushi Kyogoku
Mastered at Hitokuchi-zaka Studio

Artist Management: Kaoki Nomura(ROCKDOM ARTISTS)
Production Coordinator: Jun Nishino(CAPCOM), Mareo Yamada(CAPCOM)

Design: Yoshinobu Yamaguchi(works D)
Visual Coordinator: Shigeru Sasaka(KING RECORDS)

Promoter: Akiko Aizu(KING RECORDS), Yutaka Tachibana(ROCKDOM ARTISTS)
Sales Promoter: Masanobu Sato(KING RECORDS)

Producer: Isamu Tanaka(KING RECORDS)
Executive Producer: Tsuyoshi Tanaka(CAPCOM), Ted Nagao(ROCKDOM ARTISTS)

Special Thanks to CAPCOM & “BIOHAZARD OUTBREAK” All Staff,
Tomonobu Kikuchi(SOYTZER MUSIC),
Yuji Ishigaki(STUDIO LIGHTS), Hironori Nishiyama(STUDIO LIGHTS)

Directed by Shigenori Iwase(KING RECORDS)

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