Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon Original Soundtrack

Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon Original Soundtrack

Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon Original Soundtrack

ベヨネッタ オリジンズ: セレッサと迷子の悪魔 オリジナルサウンドトラック


Catalog Number WWCE-31561~6
Barcode 4571164385617
Release Date Dec 20, 2023
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 7700 JPY
Media Format 6 CD
Classification Original Soundtrack
Manufacturer WAVE MASTER INC.
Distributor avex entertainment Inc.

Composition Lead Aoba Nakanishi
Music Composition Hitomi Kurokawa, Masahiro Miyauchi, Rina Yugi, Ayana Tsujita, Rei Kondoh

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Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon


Disc 1 [WWCE-31561]

01 Once Upon a Time
02 Nightmare
03 The Boy in the Dream
04 Carefree Moments
05 Training and Discipline ~Morgana’s Theme~
06 Magic, Here We Go! ~Magic Attempt 1~
07 Did… It Work? ~Magic Attempt 2~
08 Fearsome Demon
09 I Can Do It Myself!
10 No Turning Back
11 Whispering Path
12 Someone’s There!
13 Heart Pounding
14 What Now!?
15 Legs Trembling with Fear
16 Girl and Demon
17 Awkward Path ~Avalon Forest Theme 1~
18 Fight with the Ferocious Faeries
19 It’s Real! ~White Wolf Jingle 1~
20 Féth Fíada: The Mist of Illusions
21 Tír na nÓg
22 Tussle with the Tricksy Faeries
23 The Core: Strange Pulse
24 The Core: Beyond the Illusion

Disc 2 [WWCE-31562]

01 Sanctuary
02 A Night to Remember ~Remembrance Jingle 1~
03 My Secret Adventure Diary ~Saving Jingle 1~
04 I Wonder What We’ll Make ~Concocting~
05 Reach for the Top ~Skill Tree 1~
06 Umbran Dance Beginner Steps ~Cereza Skill Learning Jingle 1~
07 Snack Time ~Cheshire Skill Learning Jingle 1~
08 Morgana’s Image
09 White Wolf, Wait!
10 Duel with the Devious Faeries
11 Wood Shrine
12 Where the Paw Prints Lead ~White Wolf Jingle 2~
13 Elemental Power Awakens
14 A New Adventure Awaits
15 Wandering Pair ~Avalon Forest Theme 2~
16 Amadán, the Pesky Fool
17 Just a Taste ~Infernal Fruit Jingle 1~
18 Grant Me Your Strength ~Moon Pearl Jingle 1~
19 Colm’s Desperate Plea
20 The Faeries’ Trap
21 Cleansing the Forest
22 Onward! ~Map Unlock Jingle~
23 Faerieland Tower
24 Here it Comes!
25 A Sight to Behold ~Remembrance Jingle 2~
26 Thanks Cereza!
27 Follow Those Wisps!
28 Song of the Wisps

Disc 3 [WWCE-31563]

01 The Big Top Looms Ahead!
02 Decisive Battle! The Circus of Horror
03 Girl and Demon, One Step Closer
04 Stone Shrine
05 Entangled Pair ~Avalon Forest Theme 3~
06 Ignis’ Secret Pathways
07 A Sea of Green
08 The Tenebrous Cave
09 Wyvern Falls
10 Battle by the Falls
11 The Man-Eating Beast
12 Decisive Battle! How to Slay a Dragon
13 Water Shrine
14 His Name is Lukaon
15 My Humble Adventure Diary ~Saving Jingle 2~
16 Reach for the Sky ~Skill Tree 2~
17 Umbran Dance Intermediate Steps ~Cereza Skill Learning Jingle 2~
18 Time for More Snacks ~Cheshire Skill Learning Jingle 2~
19 Digging In ~Infernal Fruit Jingle 2~
20 Grant Me Your Wisdom ~Moon Pearl Jingle 2~
21 Song of the Wisps ~Chorus~

Disc 4 [WWCE-31564]

01 Something Stirring in the Dark
02 Estranged Pair ~Avalon Forest Theme 4~
03 Púca’s Fortress
04 Discovering the Courage Within
05 Warmth
06 The One True King! ~Púca’s Theme~
07 Decisive Battle! Púca, King of the Faeries
08 Fire Shrine
09 United Pair ~Avalon Forest Theme 5~
10 Two Hearts Beat As One
11 Friendship Illuminates the Gloom
12 Our Epic Adventure Diary ~Saving Jingle 3~
13 Reach for the Moon ~Skill Tree 3~
14 Umbran Dance Advance Steps ~Cereza Skill Learning Jingle 3~
15 Never Enough Snacks ~Cheshire Skill Learning Jingle 3~
16 Good to the Last Bite ~Infernal Fruit Jingle 3~
17 Grant Me Your Courage ~Moon Pearl Jingle 3~
18 Song of the Wisps ~Full Chorus~
19 No More Fear, No More Doubt
20 Altar of the Faerie King
21 Tragic Tale of the Faeries
22 A Heart Twisted
23 Hopes and Dreams Gone Astray

Disc 5 [WWCE-31565]

01 Shattered
02 That Which We Hold Dear
03 The True Heir to the Faerie Throne
04 Clash of Wills: Unbound
05 A Ray of Light
06 Faeries Everywhere
07 Cheshire, Run! – Friend Origins ver.
08 A Mother’s Love and Fury
09 Morgana, Witch of Unrivalled Resolve
10 A New Witch is Born
11 Warm Embrace
12 A Witch Breathes Her Last
13 Our New Promise
14 See How I’ve Grown
15 A Dream No Longer
16 The Young Witch Sets Off
17 Le Chéile i bhForaois Sholas na Gealaí (Together in the Moonlit Forest)

Disc 6 [WWCE-31566]

01 A Melody of Remembrance
02 Deep Breath ~Menu Screen~
03 Confirmer of Phenomena
04 Le Chéile i bhForaois Sholas na Gealaí (Together in the Moonlit Forest): Instrumental ver.
05 Sunkissed Shore
06 Stillwater Manor
07 Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!
08 Run! Run! Run!
09 Slide! Slide! Slide!
10 Time Trial
11 How’d We Do? ~Tír na nÓg Result Jingle~
12 Up High! ~Clear Jingle: Forest~
13 Aces! ~Clear Jingle: Tír na nÓg~
14 One Step Closer! ~Complete Jingle: Forest~
15 Can’t Fool Us! ~Complete Jingle: Tír na nÓg~
16 What’s Inside? ~Treasure Chest Jingle: Regular~
17 Hurry Up, Open It! ~Treasure Chest Jingle: Fancy~
18 Let’s Make Camp ~Sanctuary Discovered Jingle~
19 Get Those Orbs! ~Faerie Orb Jingle~
20 You’re Safe Now! ~Wisp Rescued Jingle~
21 Let’s Get’ em! ~Battle Begins Jingle~
22 How Do You Like This! ~Bind Combo Jingle~
23 How Do You Like This! ~Bind Combo Jingle: Wood~
24 How Do You Like This! ~Bind Combo Jingle: Stone~
25 How Do You Like This! ~Bind Combo Jingle: Water~
26 How Do You Like This! ~Bind Combo Jingle: Fire~
27 How Do You Like This! ~Bind Combo Jingle: Unbound~
28 Perfect! ~Battle Victory Jingle 1~
29 Showed’ em Who’s Boss ~Battle Victory Jingle 2~
30 Piece of Cake ~Battle Victory Jingle 3~
31 A Tragic End
32 How’s This? ~Costumes~
33 This Look Okay? ~Costumes~
34 Lukaon’s Memory
35 Sunkissed Shore – Piano Arrange ver.
36 Ignis’ Secret Pathways – Proto ver.
37 The Stuffed Toy Lies Still


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