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Baten Kaitos II Hajimari no Tsubasa to Kamigami no Shishi Original Soundtrack (Digital)

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Baten Kaitos II Hajimari no Tsubasa to Kamigami no Shishi Original Soundtrack

バテン・カイトスII 始まりの翼と神々の嗣子 オリジナルサウンドトラック
Baten Kaitos Origins Original Soundtrack


Release Date Sep 12, 2023
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 2750 JPY
Media Format 2 Digital
Classification Original Soundtrack, Vocal
Distributor Bandai Namco Game Music

All Composed by Motoi Sakuraba
Arrangement Motoi Sakuraba
Vocal Mio Sakuraba, Hiroko Kato
Lyrics yuko
Translation Andrea Mardegan
Violin Reiko Tsuchiya
Flute Hideyo Takakuwa
Oboe Hiroshi Shibayama
Electric Guitar Toru Iwao
Score Chiaki Kato
Producer Taku Kitahara (TEAM Entertainment)
A&R Director Mitsugu Nakamura (TEAM Entertainment)
Recording Engineer Atsushi Kobayashi
Assistant Engineer Katsuyuki Abe (Mixer’s Lab)
Recording Studio WEST SIDE STUDIO
Mix Engineer Motoi Sakuraba
Mastering Engineer Kazuya Sato (Memory-Tech)
Mastering Studio Memory-Tech
Graphic Design Pictron
Public Relations Naoya Matsuzaki (TEAM Entertainment)
Sales Promotion Naoya Matsuzaki (TEAM Entertainment)
Special Thanks Kenya Okabe (NAMCO), Yasuo Ogura (NAMCO), Hiroya Hatsushiba (tri-Crescendo), Riei Saito (tri-Crescendo), Yusaburo Shimojyo (tri-Crescendo)
Supervision NAMCO
Liner Notes 野口伸二, 六本周平, 小島幸, Yasuyuki Honne

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Baten Kaitos Origins


Disc 01
01 Le ali del principio
02 Pieces of a millennium
03 War cries
04 The valedictory elegy
05 Poacher
06 Chaotic dance 2
07 Iconoclasm
08 The valedictory elegy (for guitar)
09 Evidential material
10 The true mirror (for orchestra)
11 Ruinous commander
12 Crystal abyss
13 Relieve
14 Lord of pawns
15 Two coffins
16 The knights’ cairn
17 Ruins
18 Tripartite talks and the secret soul
19 Ancient homeland
20 The borders of wind and earth
21 Happenstance
22 Mossblossom pillars
23 Nettlesome barrens and arms
24 Parity of light and dark
25 Sanguine grasses
26 Morningless night
27 The broken manas and my one and only
28 Contradiction
29 Nimbus gardens
30 Rolling rivers, rolling clouds
31 The edging away
32 Minatory master
33 Purging light of the sun (Baten Kaitos Origins ver.)
34 The autumn night’s breeze knows no dearth
35 Cornucopian village
36 Emotional blackmail
37 Holoholobird
38 Temple of celestial flowers (Baten Kaitos Origins ver.)
39 Ancient slaughter
40 The egret’s heart and the road to hereafter
41 So mai marezza
42 Symnaphocin

Disc 02
01 Bequeathed puppet
02 The pebble cast
03 Azure canopy
04 An archaic soul’s wordcraft
05 Terrible technology
06 Keen moon, night rain
07 Into the spiral tension
08 Shogyo-Mujo
09 The dead-end creatures
10 Tears of compassion
11 A road to the dignified future
12 Four seasons of peace I
13 Four seasons of peace II
14 Four seasons of peace III
15 Strange bedfellows
16 The semblance of a horizon
17 As the moon meanders on the water
18 Two lights, watching on
19 Evil’s origins—a prelude to treachery

All Composed & Arrangement: Motoi Sakuraba

Le ali del principio (1-1)
Composed by Motoi Sakuraba
Lyrics: yuko
Translation: Andrea Mardegan
Vocal: Mio Sakuraba

=CD Staff=
Producer: Taku Kitahara (TEAM Entertainment)
A&R Director: Mitsugu Nakamura (TEAM Entertainment)
Recording Engineer: Atsushi Kobayashi
Assistant Engineer: Katsuyuki Abe (Mixer’s Lab)
Recording Studio: WEST SIDE STUDIO
Mix Engineer: Motoi Sakuraba
Mastering Engineer: Kazuya Sato (Memory-Tech)
Mastering Studio: Memory-Tech

Lyrics: yuko
Translation: Andrea Mardegan
Vocal: Mio Sakuraba

Vocal: Hiroko Kato

Violin: Reiko Tsuchiya
Flute: Hideyo Takakuwa
Oboe: Hiroshi Shibayama
E.Guitar: Toru Iwao

Score: Chiaki Kato

Graphic Design: Pictron

Public Relations & Sales Promotion: Naoya Matsuzaki (TEAM Entertainment)

Special Thanks: Kenya Okabe (NAMCO)
Yasuo Ogura (NAMCO)
Hiroya Hatsushiba (tri-Crescendo)
Riei Saito (tri-Crescendo)
Yusaburo Shimojyo (tri-Crescendo)

Supervision: NAMCO

Liner Notes: 野口 伸二 (Namco) (pg. 3), 六本 周平 (tri-Crescendo) (pg. 3), 小島幸 (Monolith Soft) (pg. 4), Yasuyuki Honne [本根 康之] (Monolith Soft) (pg. 4)

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