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Assassin’s Creed Rogue Game Soundtrack Sea Shanty Edition


Assassin’s Creed Rogue Game Soundtrack Sea Shanty Edition

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Assassin’s Creed: Rogue

Catalog Number     N/A
Release Date     Nov 11, 2014
Publish Format     Commercial
Release Price     9.49 USD
Media Format     Digital
Classification     Original Soundtrack, Vocal
Published by     Ubisoft Music
Composed by
Arranged by
Performed by     Sean Dagher, Nils Brown, Clayton Kennedy, David Tinervia, David Gossage, John Giffen, Michiel Schrey, Kate Bevan-Baker, Nelson Carter, Rich Irwin, Charlotte Cumberbirch


01     Shallow Brown     2:17
02     Windy Old Weather     1:43
03     Jolly Roving Tar     2:15
04     Pay Me the Money Down     1:35
05     Paddy Layback     2:34
06     Don’t Forget Your Old Shipmates     2:13
07     Donkey Riding     1:58
08     New York Girls     2:18
09     Round the Corner Sally     1:12
10     Liverpool Judies     2:24
11     Rolling Down to Old Maui     2:30
12     Heave Away Me Johnny     1:40
13     Blood Red Roses     3:07
14     Bold Riley Oh     1:42
15     Go to Sea Once More     2:13
16     My Bonnie Highland Lassie     1:37
17     One More Day     2:27
18     Haul Away     1:33
19     Hi for the Beggerman     2:12
20     The Bonnie Lass o’Fyvie     2:00
21     Little Drummer     2:18
22     Henri Martin     2:17
23     Katie Cruel     1:54
24     Ye Jacobytes     1:22

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