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TENSHI☆SOUZOU RE-BOOT! Original Soundtrack

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TENSHI☆SOUZOU RE-BOOT! Original Soundtrack

天使☆騒々 RE-BOOT! オリジナルサウンドトラック


Catalog Number YSCD-0070~3
Barcode 4573211462579
Release Date Oct 27, 2023
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 3300 JPY
Media Format 4 CD
Classification Original Soundtrack, Vocal
Publisher YUZUSOFT

BGM Production zippy, Luhica Suzuki (AngelNote), Takeshi Ifukube (AngelNote), Kousuke Nakamura (AngelNote)
Vocals QUARTET☆RE-BOOT!, 瀬戸乃マリエ, Kanako, Hitomi Yanagi, Sora Haruka, Haduki (AngelNote), Haruka Shimotsuki, Riryka, 月城花梨, Kyouko Akabane
Composer Famishin
Arranger Satoru Inohara (AngelNote), Makoto Sasakura (AngelNote), Shunsuke Shiina (AngelNote), Mamoru Mori (AngelNote), Meis Clauson (AngelNote), Luca
Lyricist Miina Hanyu (AngelNote), Haduki (AngelNote), Riryka (AngelNote), Mami♡Nakayama (AngelNote), ange (AngelNote)
Guitar Asai Yasuo, Shunsuke Shiina (AngelNote), Meis Clauson (AngelNote), ミヤケリョウ, Luhica Suzuki, zippy
Percussion Luhica Suzuki
Recorder Luhica Suzuki
Vocal Recording Soh Nakamura (studio HIPPO)
Mix Soh Nakamura (studio HIPPO)
Music Director Luhica Suzuki
All Sound Produced by AngelNote

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Disc 1
01 FUN FUN RE-BOOT (Title Version)
02 King’s Soul
03 Hot Morning
04 Blazing Sunshine
05 Familiar School
06 Fun Fun Friends
07 Fear
08 Angel Advent
09 I-KAN
10 Fine Everyday
11 Usual Interaction
13 Lonely
14 Kawaii…?
15 U・F・N
16 Flicker
17 Distortion
18 Tense Up
19 Previous Era
20 Strange World
21 Punchline
22 FUN FUN RE-BOOT (Game Size)
23 Welcome to Cafe Stella! (Bonus Track)

Disc 2
01 Temptation
02 Thought
03 Uninvited Visitor
04 Incomprehensible
05 Magic Battle
06 Target Shooting
07 Summer Holiday
08 Happy Memories
09 Good Work
10 Relaxation
11 Disclose
12 Heart-to-Heart
13 Make Love
14 Slow Time
15 Strain
16 Figure Out
17 Confrontation
18 Beyond Destiny
19 Judgment
20 FUN FUN RE-BOOT (Piano Version)

Disc 3
01 君とボクのハジメテ (BGM Version)
02 君とボクのハジメテ (Quiet Version)
03 Call My Name (Game Size)
04 ワタシだけ。 (BGM Version)
05 ワタシだけ。 (Quiet Version)
06 ねえ。 (Game Size)
07 アオハルデイズ (BGM Version)
08 アオハルデイズ (Quiet Version)
09 以心伝心ジャーニー (Game Size)
10 惚れて揺れて恋焦がれ (BGM Version)
11 惚れて揺れて恋焦がれ (Quiet Version)
12 DIVE (Game Size)
13 Loyal Servant
14 幸せの魔法 (Quiet Version)
15 幸せの魔法 (Game Size)
16 Dear Teacher
17 wish (Quiet Version)
18 wish (Game Size)

Disc 4
02 Call My Name
03 ねえ。
04 以心伝心ジャーニー
06 幸せの魔法
07 wish
08 FUN FUN RE-BOOT! (Karaoke Version)
09 Call My Name (Karaoke Version)
10 ねえ。 (Karaoke Version)
11 以心伝心ジャーニー (Karaoke Version)
12 DIVE (Karaoke Version)
13 幸せの魔法 (Karaoke Version)
14 wish (Karaoke Version)

BGM Production: zippy, Luhica Suzuki (AngelNote), Takeshi Ifukube (AngelNote), Kousuke Nakamura (AngelNote)
BGM Musical Instrument Performance:Luhica Suzuki (Guitar, Perc., Recorder), zippy (Guitar)
Vocal Recording&OP/ED Songs Mix: Soh Nakamura (studio HIPPO)
AngelNote Music Director: Luhica Suzuki
All Sound Produced by AngelNote

“FUN FUN RE-BOOT” – Opening Theme
Vocals: QUARTET☆RE-BOOT! (瀬戸乃マリエ, Kanako, Hitomi Yanagi, Sora Haruka)
Composer: Famishin
Arranger: Satoru Inohara (AngelNote)
Lyricist: Miina Hanyu (AngelNote)
Guitar: Asai Yasuo

“Call My Name” – Noa Shirayuki Ending Theme
Vocals: 白雪乃愛 (CV: 瀬戸乃マリエ)
Composer: Famishin
Arranger: Makoto Sasakura (AngelNote)
Lyricist: Miina Hanyu (AngelNote)

“ねぇ。” – Amane Tanikaze Ending Theme
Vocals: Haduki (AngelNote)
Composer: Famishin
Arranger: Shunsuke Shiina (AngelNote)
Lyricist: Haduki (AngelNote)
Guitar: Shunsuke Shiina (AngelNote)

“以心伝心ジャーニー” – Kurumi Kohibari Ending Theme
Vocals: Haruka Shimotsuki
Composer: Famishin
Arranger: Mamoru Mori (AngelNote)
Lyricist: Miina Hanyu (AngelNote)

“DIVE” – Kaguya Hoshikawa Ending Theme
Vocals: Riryka
Composer: Famishin
Arranger: Meis Clauson (AngelNote)
Lyricist: Riryka (AngelNote)
Guitar: Meis Clauson (AngelNote)

“幸せの魔法” – Orie Takadate Ending Theme
Vocals: 月城花梨
Composer: Famishin
Arranger: Satoru Inohara (AngelNote)
Lyricist: Mami♡Nakayama (AngelNote)
Guitar: Asai Yasuo

“wish” – Fumika Ozato Ending Theme
Vocals: 百里風実花 (CV: Kyouko Akabane)
Composer: Famishin
Arranger: Luca
Lyricist: ange (AngelNote)
Guitar: ミヤケリョウ

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