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Gal☆Gun Returns Official Soundtrack

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Gal☆Gun Returns Official Soundtrack


Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Feb 12, 2021
Publish Format Commercial, Enclosure
Release Price 89.99 GBP (Package Price)
Media Format 3 CD
Classification Original Soundtrack
Publisher PQube

Composer Ippo Yamada, Ryo Kawakami, Hiroki Isogai
Arranger Hiroyuki Sato, Shusaku Uchiyama, Maki Kirioka, Yuri Tokushima, Masaki Suzuki, Keishi Yonao
Song by Kaname Nonomiya, Akira Hibuki, Kaoruko Sakurazaki, Aoi Uno, School Rumble Eggs
Lyricist Hakofactory, anzu/mints, Tomomi Nekoyama

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Gal*Gun Returns


Disc 1

02 Pinky Promise
03 Delicate Dream
04 Prismatic Palette
06 LOVExMEx68 (Extra Long Version)

Disc 2

01 Illumination Love Returns (OP Movie Version)
02 Here We Go! Gal*Gun
03 Angelic Sniper
04 Sudden Confession
05 The Angel Arrives
06 Everything You Want to Know
07 Super Popular Academy Life
08 Doki Doki Field
09 Report Card
10 Childhood Friend
11 Memories Made Together
12 The Savior of Schoolgirls
13 Walled Up Feelings
14 Out of Your League
15 Sketchbook Full of Memories
16 Rock n’ Roll Gal
17 The One I Admire
18 Guardians
19 Just You and Me
20 Time to Save the Girl!
21 A Man’s True Battle
22 Breaking Through Barriers
23 Last Chance
24 Determination
25 Duel in the Setting Sunlight
26 The Invincible Woman
27 Epic Rock Battle
28 My Heart…For You

Disc 3

01 Two Hearts Find Their Spark
02 Pinky Promise (Staff Credits Version)
03 Two Hearts Understood
04 Delicate Dream (Staff Credits Version)
05 Two Hearts Connected
06 Prismatic Palette (Staff Credits Version)
07 Two Hearts Bursting With Excitement
08 LOVE HEARTS (Staff Credits Version)
09 From Now On…
10 An Angel Reappears
11 Don’t Lose Your Way
12 Another Kind of Happiness
13 Where Will You Go?
14 Doki Doki Field (Carnival Version)
15 The Junior Angel Arrives
16 Absolutely Unacceptable Academy Life
17 Spellbound
18 Don’t Blame Me…
19 See You Again
20 All Together Forever
21 LOVExMEx68
22 Chiptuned Illumination
23 LOVE HEARTS (Live Version)

Lyrics: Hakofactory
Composition: Ippo Yamada
Arrangement: Hiroyuki Sato
Song: Kaname Nonomiya

2. Pinky Promise
Lyrics: Hakofactory
Composition: Ippo Yamada
Arrangement: Shusaku Uchiyama
Song: Kaname Nonomiya

3. Delicate Dream
Lyrics: anzu/mints
Composition: Ryo Kawakami
Arrangement: Maki Kirioka
Song: Akira Hibuki

4. Prismatic Palette
Lyrics: Tomomi Nekoyama
Composition: Hiroki Isogai
Arrangement: Yuri Tokushima
Song: Kaoruko Sakurazaki

Lyrics: Tomomi Nekoyama
Composition: Hiroki Isogai
Arrangement: Masaki Suzuki
Song: Aoi Uno

6. LOVExMEx68 (Extra Long Version)
Lyrics: anzu/mints
Composition: Ippo Yamada
Arrangement: Keishi Yonao
Song: School Rumble Eggs

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