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CHAOS;CHILD LOVE CHU☆CHU!! Original Sound Tracks

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CHAOS;CHILD LOVE CHU☆CHU!! Original Sound Tracks

CHAOS;CHILD らぶchu☆chu!! オリジナルサウンドトラック


Catalog Number     N/A
Release Date     Mar 30, 2017
Publish Format     Commercial, Enclosure
Release Price     10584 JPY (Package Price)
Media Format     CD
Classification     Original Soundtrack, Vocal
Published by     5pb. Games
Composed by     Takeshi Abo, Chiyomaru Shikura
Arranged by     KushitaMine, Takeshi Abo, Shinichi Yuuki
Performed by     Afilia Saga, Iketeru Hearts
Lyrics by     Chiyomaru Shikura

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Chäos;Child Love chu☆chu!!


01     非合理的かつ訂正不能な思い込み Short size.     1:58
02     The other world     3:36
03     OTOBOKE     2:47
04     Sexy view     2:03
05     It’s farce     2:55
06     Daily step     2:46
07     Clear color     3:16
08     Constant days     3:09
09     I’m conscious     4:17
10     Self-realization     2:56
11     Real boot modulation     3:04
12     Comedy’s dance     1:51
13     Psyche     3:44
14     Insane eros     1:50
15     BOYDAKEYO     3:14
16     罪証のルシファー -instrumental-     3:45
17     罪証のルシファー Short size.     3:00

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